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n1_4mer:GRV/n1_4mer:RV = (Global Relative Variance of OU patterns) / (Local Relative Variance of OU patterns)

n0_4mer:D = Distance between local and global OU patterns

n0_4mer:PS = Distance between 2 strands of same DNA molecule

Selected loci indicated by large D, increased GRV associated with decreased RV and moderate increase in PS

NC_009482: Synechococcus sp. RCC307 chromosome, complete genome

NCBI: NC_009482

Host Lineage: Synechococcus; Synechococcus; Synechococcaceae; Chroococcales; Cyanobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Marine Synechococcus and Prochlorococcus are the most abundant photosynthetic organisms on earth and between them account for about half of the world's photosynthesis. RCC307 is an oceanic Synechococcus strain which presents great phylogenetic interest because trees obtained using its 16S RNA gene seem to indicate that it is rooted at the base of the radiation of marine cyanobacteria. This strain was isolated from seawater taken at a depth of 15 meters from the Mediterranean Sea.

Islands with an asterisk (*) contain ribosomal proteins or RNA related elements and may indicate a False Positive Prediction!

#StartEndLengthIsland TextGRV_RVDPSNeighboursClusterSub ClusterBLASTNKey Word ConfirmationOther DB ConfirmationDownload Island
187193*11067023478Island text1.5856726.057923.4803Neighbours11BLASTN+87193.gbk
2156171*19047734307Island text1.8209725.862731.0909Neighbours13BLASTN+IslandViewer 156171.gbk
3485238*51243927202Island text1.8570527.673333.1303Neighbours11BLASTN+IslandViewer 485238.gbk
4619467*64290823442Island text2.497530.713526.6454Neighbours11BLASTN+619467.gbk
582271684159918884Island text1.9073130.535426.3321BLASTN822716.gbk
61652329*167311820790Island text1.5182625.709338.2751Neighbours11BLASTN1652329.gbk
71718000174077722778Island text1.5311126.256126.6427Neighbours13BLASTNIslandViewer 1718000.gbk
81761529179412832600Island text1.5317329.871121.8448Neighbours11BLASTN+IslandViewer 1761529.gbk
92051890*207970327814Island text2.0273330.323333.5068Neighbours11BLASTN+2051890.gbk
102109270*213238323114Island text1.6460723.407135.053Neighbours11BLASTN2109270.gbk