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Query: NC_013891:1639694:1661448 Listeria seeligeri serovar 1/2b str. SLCC3954, complete genome

Start: 1661448, End: 1661795, Length: 348

Host Lineage: Listeria seeligeri; Listeria; Listeriaceae; Bacillales; Firmicutes; Bacteria

General Information: Listeria are Gram-positive, motile, facultative anaerobic bacteria; L.seeligeri is one of the nonpathogenic members of the genus. Strain LSCC 3954, the type strain for this species, is a soil isolate from Germany. A contaminant of soft cheese, processed meat, and smoked seafood. More than 100 strains of this organism have been isolated from environmental samples and healthy animal carriers. This species can be distinguished from other Listeria by its ability to produce acid from D-xylose, L-rhamnose, and alpha-methyl-D-mannoside.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_012471:141463:144580144580145326747Streptococcus equi subsp. equi 4047, complete genomephage repressor protein1e-1478.2
NC_020134:420500:424294424294424635342Clostridium stercorarium subsp. stercorarium DSM 8532, completeputative transcriptional regulator3e-0960.5
NC_013517:1480368:148084914808491481277429Sebaldella termitidis ATCC 33386, complete genometranscriptional regulator, XRE family4e-0960.1
NC_015977:2920500:292488529248852925514630Roseburia hominis A2-183 chromosome, complete genomehypothetical protein2e-0857.4
NC_015977:2718437:273857927385792739208630Roseburia hominis A2-183 chromosome, complete genomehypothetical protein7e-0855.8
NC_014376:916063:916539916539917021483Clostridium saccharolyticum WM1 chromosome, complete genometranscriptional regulator, XRE family2e-0754.3
NC_014831:8965:177711777118166396Thermaerobacter marianensis DSM 12885 chromosome, complete genomehelix-turn-helix domain protein6e-0752.8
NC_009632:361229:363836363836364159324Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus JH1 chromosome, completehypothetical protein1e-0652
NC_009487:362475:363766363766364089324Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus JH9 chromosome, completeXRE family transcriptional regulator1e-0652
NC_016645:20199:215532155322305753Pyrobaculum sp. 1860 chromosome, complete genomehypothetical protein1e-0651.6