Pre_GI Help


BLASTP with an e-value threshold of 10 ^ -6 was used.
General and taxonomic information for the host of the query cds is displayed in the information box.
The search boxes will filter all subject hits to obtain specific hits.
Certain column headings are also hyperlinked to order the subject list.

Order hit subject list by means of columns

Subject Host Description - This will list subject hits alphabetically according to their hosts.
CDS description - Order subject list alphabetically for cds descriptions.
E-value - Subject list is ordered by ascending e-values.
Bit score - Default. Order list by descending bit scores.


This column indicates the specific subject found to have a hit with the query.
Subject is hyperlinked to the island page where it is located.

CDS description

The cds description for the subject cds is displayed here.
It is possible to search against the database for all genes with a similar description by means of the hyperlink.

E-value and Bit score

The values presented here were obtained from the BLASTP hit between query and subject.