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NC_009617:3263413 Clostridium beijerinckii NCIMB 8052 chromosome, complete genome

Host Lineage: Clostridium beijerinckii; Clostridium; Clostridiaceae; Clostridiales; Firmicutes; Bacteria

General Information: Solvent-producing bacterium. This genus comprises about 150 metabolically diverse species of anaerobes that are ubiquitous in virtually all anoxic habitats where organic compounds are present, including soils, aquatic sediments and the intestinal tracts of animals and humans. This shape is attributed to the presence of endospores that develop under conditions unfavorable for vegetative growth and distend single cells terminally or sub-terminally. Spores germinate under conditions favorable for vegetative growth, such as anaerobiosis and presence of organic substrates. It is believed that present day Mollicutes (Eubacteria) have evolved regressively (i.e., by genome reduction) from gram-positive clostridia-like ancestors with a low GC content in DNA. Some species are capable of producing organic solvents (acetone, ethanol, etc,), molecular hydrogen and other useful compounds. There are also species that can fix molecular nitrogen and thus are important participants in biological turnaround of nitrogen compounds in nature. This species is used to produce industrial solvents.

StartEndLengthCDS descriptionQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
326341332647141302transposase IS116IS110IS902 family proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
326519632670521857hypothetical proteinBLASTP
326705332682461194hypothetical proteinBLASTP
32683523268960609hypothetical proteinBLASTP
326903032704661437hypothetical proteinBLASTP
32705863271086501hypothetical proteinBLASTP
327154532740822538type III restriction protein res subunitQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
32743013274609309hypothetical proteinBLASTP
32746813275310630type 11 methyltransferaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
32755573275979423hypothetical protein
32769483277760813phage replisome organizerQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
32783643279257894transcription activator effector bindingQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
32798103280133324hypothetical proteinBLASTP
32804393281125687hypothetical protein
32812853282181897hypothetical proteinBLASTP
32825163283466951elongation factor G domain-containing proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
32835013283917417hypothetical protein
328406332852351173hypothetical protein
32855973286169573DNA-3-methyladenine glycosylase IQuickGO ontologyBLASTP