Pre_GI Help

Gene page

All the information regarding the content of the chosen island is displayed on this page.
The top content box contains links to various pages involving the specific island.
The host link will return the user to the Host page with all the island predicted for the specific host.
The Neighbours link returns all compositional similarity hits for this specific island.
BLASTN returns all sequence similarity hits of the island.
Sequence downloads is furthermore possible for the entire island and all genes contained in the island.
The information box supplies general and taxonomix information on the host this island was predicted in.
Island content and information on genes found in island is in the next box.
This includes positional location, annotation and sequence similarity to other genes in the database.

CDS description

Elements of the CDS description column are linked to retrieve all genes in the database with a similar description.

QuickGO ontology

The QuickGO ontology option retrieves the gene ontology from the QuickGO site.


This reveals all BLASTP hits for the specific cds obtained with an e-value = 10 ^ -6.