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Query: NC_010609:880196 Lactobacillus reuteri JCM 1112, complete genome

Start: 880196, End: 903618, Length: 23423

Host Lineage: Lactobacillus reuteri; Lactobacillus; Lactobacillaceae; Lactobacillales; Firmicutes; Bacteria

General Information: This strain was isolated from the intestine of an adult human. They are commonly found in the oral, vaginal, and intestinal tracts of many animals. They are important industrial microbes that contribute to the production of cheese, yogurt, and other products such as fermented milks, all stemming from the production of lactic acid, which inhibits the growth of other organisms as well as lowering the pH of the food product. Industrial production requires the use of starter cultures, which are carefully cultivated, created, and maintained. These cultures produce specific end products during fermentation that impart flavor to the final product, as well as contributing important metabolic reactions, such as the breakdown of milk proteins during cheese production. The end product of fermentation, lactic acid, is also used as a starter molecule for complex organic molecule syntheses. Lactobacillus reuteri is a member of the normal microbial community of the gut in humans and animals. This organism produces antibiotic compounds, such as reutericin and reuterin, which have inhibitory effects on pathogenic microorganisms.

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Islands with an asterisk (*) contain ribosomal proteins or RNA related elements and may indicate a False Positive Prediction!

Subject IslandStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionE-valueBit scoreVisual BLASTNVisual BLASTP
NC_009513:87083787083788981818982Lactobacillus reuteri F275, complete genome037290BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_009513:1184000*1184000120196817969Lactobacillus reuteri F275, complete genome011900BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_010610:755000*75500078559930600Lactobacillus fermentum IFO 3956, complete genome5e-1797.6BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_004606:11075001107500115371646217Streptococcus pyogenes SSI-1, complete genome7e-1383.8BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_004070:74714674714677064623501Streptococcus pyogenes MGAS315, complete genome7e-1383.8BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_003485:29614029614031582719688Streptococcus pyogenes MGAS8232, complete genome7e-1383.8BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_007929:29370929370931436820660Lactobacillus salivarius subsp. salivarius UCC118, complete genome7e-0763.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_003485:57994657994659874318798Streptococcus pyogenes MGAS8232, complete genome3e-0661.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg