Pre_GI Help

OUP MCL Sub Cluster Neighbours

Non-overlapping, distinct clusters were identified by means of the Markov Clustering Algorithm (MCL).
OUP similarity between islands was used as a similarity measure in cluster creation.
Large clusters were subjected to further clustering to obtain smaller sub clusters.
Sub Cluster statistics are available.
The Sub Cluster statistics link will display the distribution of taxonomies the specific cluster.
All sub cluster lists are open to filtering.

Donor / Recipient Islands

The options provided at the bottom of the search box will retrieve only possible donors / reciepients.

Subject Island

Subject is hyperlinked to allow easy access to subject island page.

Proposed Island Flow

Probable movement between islands in a sub cluster are offered in the second last column.
These predictions are made with the aid of the D (Distance) parameter.
This parameter provides an indication of the age of an island.
It should be noted that intermediate hosts between movements may not be excluded.
Arrows and colours indicate the direction of movement.
Green arrows represents a likely movement from subject to the query.
Blue arrows indicates movement from the query to the subject.
Red arrows ←→ displays uncertainty in regards to the direction of movement.