Pre_GI Help

Compare Compositional Similarity against Database page

Enter a nucleotide sequence in fasta format or just the sequence and perform a OUP query against the database.
This allows users to compare novel islands to the database with the aid of compositional comparison.
Default OUP similarity is set at 75% but may be increased.

MCL representatives

First the query sequence is compared against all cluster and sub cluster representatives.
If compositional similarity of 75% or above is detected to a representative, the query sequence is further compared to all elements belonging to the cluster / sub cluster.

Results will be presented in the same page.
The OUP similarity floor employed will be presented in the results box.
The Filter OUP results option will navigate users to a new page where the result subject list may be filtered.
Hit subject islands with an asterisk (*) contain ribosomal proteins and may indicate a False Positive Prediction!.
Information regarding the OUP hit is presented in a tabular format with subject islands hyperlinked to allow inspection of the subject island with which a hit was found.

Cluster / Sub Cluster

All elements of a cluster / sub cluster with which a link was found by means of a representative are available for further investigation.