Pre_GI Help

Location Query page

This page is used to query the presence of an island in a genome in a certain location.
First the host of to be investigated is chosen.
All hosts of islands contained in the database are listed.
This list may be searched against any or all of the available fields.
If you are feeling browsy, just scroll down the list to view all hosts.
More defined searches are possible by using the fields provided.
Searches use regular expression, thus it is not needed to provide full length text.
Host Lineage and Host Information search fields contain predefined lists to ease your search choices.
When the appropriate host is found in the list it is selected by means of the hyperlink and the host of choice is displayed in a new page.

The SVG visually displays the predicted islands as

on the circular graph.
Hovering on the pink island rectangle will indicate the position of the island in the genome.
The legend below the graph contains further explanation about what is being plotted together with a definition box on the SWGIS parameters.
Users may now enter their locations in the boxes provided to search against the database for overlaps.

Results are presented in a tabular format below the search boxes.
This will include the type of overlap and island where overlap was detected.
The island will be hyperlinked to allow for inspection along with BLASTN hits.