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Query: NC_019968:1194489 Prevotella dentalis DSM 3688 chromosome 2, complete sequence

D: 59.0569

Host Lineage: Prevotella dentalis; Prevotella; Prevotellaceae; Bacteroidales; Bacteroidetes; Bacteria

General Information: Environment: Host, Human oral microflora; Isolation: Human dental root canal; Temp: Mesophile; Temp: 37C. This organism is an member of the human oral microbial community that has been isolated in association with infections of the dental root canal.

Number of Neighbours: 12

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Subject IslandSubject Host Description Compositional Similarity Proposed Island FlowSubject Island D
NC_015436:202384Spirochaeta coccoides DSM 17374 chromosome, complete genome75.1471 %Subject Query32.4295
NC_014370:885937Prevotella melaninogenica ATCC 25845 chromosome chromosome I,77.2978 %Subject Query34.8736
NC_009614:4201098Bacteroides vulgatus ATCC 8482 chromosome, complete genome75.1011 %Subject Query36.3604
NC_015311:2826000Prevotella denticola F0289 chromosome, complete genome75.3585 %Subject Query42.4421
NC_019968:1235500Prevotella dentalis DSM 3688 chromosome 2, complete sequence77.3223 %Subject ←→ Query54.3913
NC_019968:1304450*Prevotella dentalis DSM 3688 chromosome 2, complete sequence78.5263 %Subject ←→ Query58.5325