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Query: NC_016807:174319 Mycoplasma pneumoniae 309, complete genome

D: 36.4376

Host Lineage: Mycoplasma pneumoniae; Mycoplasma; Mycoplasmataceae; Mycoplasmatales; Tenericutes; Bacteria

General Information: This genus currently comprises more than 120 obligate parasitic species found in a wide spectrum of hosts, including humans, animals, insects and plants. The primary habitats of human and animal mycoplasmas are mucous membranes of the respiratory and urogenital tracts, eyes, mammary glands and the joints. Infection that proceeds through attachment of the bacteria to the host cell via specialized surface proteins, adhesins, and subsequent invasion, results in prolonged intracellular persistence that may cause lethality. Once detected in association with their eukaryotic host tissue, most mycoplasmas can be cultivated in the absence of a host if their extremely fastidious growth requirements are met.

Number of Neighbours: 16

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Subject IslandSubject Host Description Compositional Similarity Proposed Island FlowSubject Island D
NC_017504:107250*Mycoplasma pneumoniae FH chromosome, complete genome78.0024 %Subject Query22.7689
NC_016807:111582*Mycoplasma pneumoniae 309, complete genome83.3303 %Subject Query24.2613
NC_000912:553539*Mycoplasma pneumoniae M129, complete genome80.4228 %Subject Query24.392
NC_016807:551895*Mycoplasma pneumoniae 309, complete genome81.6942 %Subject Query24.9453
NC_000912:356677*Mycoplasma pneumoniae M129, complete genome77.7114 %Subject Query25.6262
NC_016807:359916Mycoplasma pneumoniae 309, complete genome76.587 %Subject Query25.6688
NC_017504:172501Mycoplasma pneumoniae FH chromosome, complete genome96.6207 %Subject ←→ Query36.4141
NC_000912:175920Mycoplasma pneumoniae M129, complete genome94.9632 %Subject ←→ Query37.3618