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Query: NC_015690:3477573 Paenibacillus mucilaginosus KNP414 chromosome, complete genome

D: 39.2613

Host Lineage: Paenibacillus mucilaginosus; Paenibacillus; Paenibacillaceae; Bacillales; Firmicutes; Bacteria

General Information: Paenibacillus mucilaginosus is critical silicate bacteria in the biogeochemical cycling of potassium, phosphorus, and other soil elements, and is widely used in agriculture, bioleaching, and wastewater treatment. P. mucilaginosus is able to degrade insoluble soil minerals with the release of nutritional ions and fix nitrogen, and thus it has been successfully used as a biofertilizer since the 1990s. The exocellular polysaccharides produced by P. mucilaginosus is also an effective bioflocculant, and thus plays a potential role in the treatment of wastewater and biohydrometallurgy.

Number of Neighbours: 14

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Subject IslandSubject Host Description Compositional Similarity Proposed Island FlowSubject Island D
NC_006932:531000*Brucella abortus biovar 1 str. 9-941 chromosome I, complete75.1624 %Subject ←→ Query29.548
NC_006510:2778777Geobacillus kaustophilus HTA426, complete genome77.3621 %Subject ←→ Query31.9066
NC_003317:1030220*Brucella melitensis 16M chromosome I, complete sequence75.3615 %Subject ←→ Query33.5007
NC_014915:2847680Geobacillus sp. Y412MC52 chromosome, complete genome75.4228 %Subject ←→ Query33.7346
NC_013411:735838Geobacillus sp. Y412MC61, complete genome75.7721 %Subject ←→ Query34.1271
NC_010337:748467Heliobacterium modesticaldum Ice1, complete genome75.6434 %Subject ←→ Query35.9264
NC_010803:634497*Chlorobium limicola DSM 245, complete genome79.2708 %Subject ←→ Query35.9689
NC_009667:1203861*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 1, complete sequence76.6054 %Subject ←→ Query36.751
NC_009668:594500*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 2, complete sequence78.0913 %Subject ←→ Query37.0794
NC_010581:2999002Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica ATCC 9039, complete genome75.7384 %Subject ←→ Query40.2786
NC_016048:2873669Oscillibacter valericigenes Sjm18-20, complete genome76.5472 %Subject ←→ Query41.5472
NC_011027:1570955*Chlorobaculum parvum NCIB 8327, complete genome75.0735 %Subject ←→ Query41.9062
NC_009667:1371924*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 1, complete sequence76.4737 %Subject ←→ Query42.1148
NC_002932:1798869*Chlorobium tepidum TLS, complete genome75.1042 %Subject Query50.6144