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Query: NC_014216:2334568 Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus AHT2 chromosome, complete genome

D: 28.9225

Host Lineage: Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus; Desulfurivibrio; Desulfobulbaceae; Desulfobacterales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Isolation: Sediments from a highly alkaline saline; Country: Egypt; Temp: Mesophile. Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus was isolated from sediment from a highly alkaline saline soda lake in Egypt. This organism is alkaliphilic and salt-tolerant.

Number of Neighbours: 52

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Subject IslandSubject Host Description Compositional Similarity Proposed Island FlowSubject Island D
NC_014216:3003347Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus AHT2 chromosome, complete genome77.5613 %Subject ←→ Query25.4377
NC_007775:2546833Synechococcus sp. JA-3-3Ab, complete genome75.8058 %Subject ←→ Query26.7449
NC_007776:1797699*Synechococcus sp. JA-2-3B'a(2-13), complete genome75.5668 %Subject ←→ Query26.7546
NC_014216:1061265*Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus AHT2 chromosome, complete genome78.1955 %Subject ←→ Query26.9597
NC_002939:2337402*Geobacter sulfurreducens PCA, complete genome76.9792 %Subject ←→ Query28.7239
NC_011206:2369500Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans ATCC 53993, complete genome75.7751 %Subject ←→ Query29.3397
NC_014973:2693672Geobacter sp. M18 chromosome, complete genome76.5502 %Subject ←→ Query29.3562
NC_007775:2702045Synechococcus sp. JA-3-3Ab, complete genome76.0386 %Subject ←→ Query29.4838
NC_010424:697187Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator MP104C, complete genome77.9626 %Subject ←→ Query29.5704
NC_002947:4994335Pseudomonas putida KT2440, complete genome75.0031 %Subject ←→ Query29.604
NC_010337:565730*Heliobacterium modesticaldum Ice1, complete genome76.4553 %Subject ←→ Query29.7209
NC_010424:448865Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator MP104C, complete genome76.3174 %Subject ←→ Query30.1148
NC_007517:2564361Geobacter metallireducens GS-15, complete genome75.8977 %Subject ←→ Query30.6025
NC_013960:979556Nitrosococcus halophilus Nc4 chromosome, complete genome75.6066 %Subject ←→ Query30.6056
NC_013960:1693643Nitrosococcus halophilus Nc4 chromosome, complete genome75.4718 %Subject ←→ Query30.6955
NC_007517:1998342Geobacter metallireducens GS-15, complete genome75.8793 %Subject ←→ Query30.8244
NC_008740:637870Marinobacter aquaeolei VT8, complete genome80.0858 %Subject ←→ Query30.8974
NC_007517:2870657Geobacter metallireducens GS-15, complete genome77.788 %Subject ←→ Query30.9339
NC_007517:2494000Geobacter metallireducens GS-15, complete genome75.3585 %Subject ←→ Query31.0038
NC_013223:1848689*Desulfohalobium retbaense DSM 5692, complete genome75.8609 %Subject ←→ Query31.0486
NC_014366:3555425Gamma proteobacterium HdN1, complete genome76.3511 %Subject ←→ Query31.2804
NC_014973:3414459*Geobacter sp. M18 chromosome, complete genome77.1017 %Subject ←→ Query31.3866
NC_007517:2820909Geobacter metallireducens GS-15, complete genome76.3848 %Subject ←→ Query31.3929
NC_014216:1787000Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus AHT2 chromosome, complete genome75.2911 %Subject ←→ Query31.4587
NC_014972:2980974*Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome78.0024 %Subject ←→ Query31.5205
NC_008740:1459747Marinobacter aquaeolei VT8, complete genome77.7237 %Subject ←→ Query31.5515
NC_014972:1621850*Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome80.2145 %Subject ←→ Query31.7436
NC_011979:3495432Geobacter sp. FRC-32, complete genome77.1783 %Subject ←→ Query32.0282
NC_007775:723925Synechococcus sp. JA-3-3Ab, complete genome75.9835 %Subject ←→ Query32.5225
NC_013223:1763631Desulfohalobium retbaense DSM 5692, complete genome75.2972 %Subject ←→ Query33.374
NC_008740:220642*Marinobacter aquaeolei VT8, complete genome76.1734 %Subject ←→ Query33.579
NC_015424:1987964Aeromonas veronii B565 chromosome, complete genome77.1569 %Subject ←→ Query33.6941
NC_007517:306508Geobacter metallireducens GS-15, complete genome77.1936 %Subject ←→ Query33.7886
NC_010424:14657*Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator MP104C, complete genome76.7341 %Subject ←→ Query34.1701
NC_010424:214640*Candidatus Desulforudis audaxviator MP104C, complete genome77.5827 %Subject ←→ Query34.6777
NC_014216:2127370Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus AHT2 chromosome, complete genome81.3603 %Subject ←→ Query35.8694
NC_014836:2848000*Desulfurispirillum indicum S5 chromosome, complete genome76.6942 %Subject ←→ Query36.5522
NC_014315:1744485Nitrosococcus watsoni C-113 chromosome, complete genome75.0429 %Subject ←→ Query36.8859
NC_009943:1499111*Candidatus Desulfococcus oleovorans Hxd3, complete genome77.0343 %Subject ←→ Query36.8908
NC_011146:3426500Geobacter bemidjiensis Bem, complete genome78.6581 %Subject ←→ Query37.6377
NC_014973:1136794Geobacter sp. M18 chromosome, complete genome75.5024 %Subject ←→ Query37.9515
NC_008609:112340*Pelobacter propionicus DSM 2379, complete genome78.8113 %Subject ←→ Query38.4837
NC_012796:2041579*Desulfovibrio magneticus RS-1, complete genome77.2886 %Subject ←→ Query38.6439
NC_014844:442380*Desulfovibrio aespoeensis Aspo-2 chromosome, complete genome76.204 %Subject Query39.2358
NC_007517:2342607Geobacter metallireducens GS-15, complete genome76.2439 %Subject Query40.4567
NC_016002:1975000*Pseudogulbenkiania sp. NH8B, complete genome75.579 %Subject Query40.685
NC_005070:1978000*Synechococcus sp. WH 8102, complete genome75.3186 %Subject Query41.1479
NC_014973:5099543Geobacter sp. M18 chromosome, complete genome76.0876 %Subject Query41.7055
NC_011146:482440*Geobacter bemidjiensis Bem, complete genome76.1642 %Subject Query43.6501
NC_010794:303203*Methylacidiphilum infernorum V4, complete genome76.9577 %Subject Query46.5936
NC_007517:3524715Geobacter metallireducens GS-15, complete genome75.8793 %Subject Query47.0731
NC_008609:251608Pelobacter propionicus DSM 2379, complete genome76.2653 %Subject Query48.2801