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Query: NC_011527:525759 Coxiella burnetii CbuG_Q212, complete genome

D: 24.8054

Host Lineage: Coxiella burnetii; Coxiella; Coxiellaceae; Legionellales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Coxiella burnetii G Q212 was isolated from a case of endocarditis and does not carry a plasmid. This organism is widely distributed in nature and can cause infections in reptiles, birds, and mammals. It causes Q fever, or 'query' fever, an atypical pneumonia first associated with abattoir workers in Australia. Transmission may be through insect vectors such as ticks that have bitten an infected wild or domesticated animal, or through an aerosol produced by domesticated animals such as sheep or cattle. The presence of a plasmid is believed to be associated with virulence and pathogenicity, however C. burnetii isolates containing plasmid QpDG are avirulent in guinea pigs and plasmidless isolates have been associated with endocarditis in humans. Coxiella burnetii has a developmental life cycle, and can grow vegetatively through binary fission, or asymmetrically and produce a spore-like cell. The spore-like cell may enable the organism to exist extracellularly for small amounts of time. This bacterium is an obligate intracellular pathogen. It is endocytosed by a host cell, a macrophage for example, and lives and replicates inside the phagolysozome, a unique property of this organism. The genome encodes proteins that have a higher than average pI, which may enable adaptation to the acidic environment of the phagolysozome. The chromosome also contains genes for a number of detoxification and stress response proteins such as dismutases that allow growth in the oxidative environment. The type IV system is similar to the one found in Legionella, which may be important for intracellular survival. This organism produces numerous ankyrin-repeat proteins that may be involved in interactions with the host cell. The genome has 83 pseudogenes, which may be a result of the typical genome-wide degradation observed with other intracellular organisms and also has a group I intron in the 23S ribosomal RNA gene.

Number of Neighbours: 21

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Subject IslandSubject Host Description Compositional Similarity Proposed Island FlowSubject Island D
NC_002971:1523065*Coxiella burnetii RSA 493, complete genome76.8015 %Subject ←→ Query23.0028
NC_011528:535680*Coxiella burnetii CbuK_Q154, complete genome95.4779 %Subject ←→ Query24.6535
NC_010117:1461502*Coxiella burnetii RSA 331, complete genome93.7255 %Subject ←→ Query25.1338
NC_002971:1379567*Coxiella burnetii RSA 493, complete genome94.1238 %Subject ←→ Query25.3769
NC_013416:1588369Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans D11S-1, complete genome78.4007 %Subject ←→ Query26.0305
NC_013416:1526920Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans D11S-1, complete genome76.7402 %Subject ←→ Query26.3831
NC_013416:1429881*Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans D11S-1, complete genome76.8903 %Subject ←→ Query26.7692
NC_009446:351042Dichelobacter nodosus VCS1703A, complete genome76.5502 %Subject ←→ Query28.8728
NC_006510:2110430Geobacillus kaustophilus HTA426, complete genome75.2237 %Subject ←→ Query29.4869
NC_011528:386417*Coxiella burnetii CbuK_Q154, complete genome77.598 %Subject ←→ Query30.2955
NC_015572:1974000*Methylomonas methanica MC09 chromosome, complete genome76.777 %Subject ←→ Query31.2378
NC_010117:285230*Coxiella burnetii RSA 331, complete genome77.5153 %Subject ←→ Query31.6756
NC_006510:372826*Geobacillus kaustophilus HTA426, complete genome75.527 %Subject ←→ Query33.0492
NC_009727:1678568*Coxiella burnetii Dugway 7E9-12, complete genome75.2665 %Subject ←→ Query33.3414
NC_014915:2092678Geobacillus sp. Y412MC52 chromosome, complete genome75.4044 %Subject ←→ Query33.7161
NC_009727:1822877*Coxiella burnetii Dugway 7E9-12, complete genome75.6985 %Subject ←→ Query34.0366
NC_015572:1421782Methylomonas methanica MC09 chromosome, complete genome76.3909 %Subject ←→ Query34.0502
NC_002971:211331*Coxiella burnetii RSA 493, complete genome80.2972 %Subject ←→ Query34.2373
NC_011527:1688447*Coxiella burnetii CbuG_Q212, complete genome75.6311 %Subject ←→ Query34.3676
NC_006510:2044347Geobacillus kaustophilus HTA426, complete genome75.3554 %Subject Query36.7248
NC_015572:427732*Methylomonas methanica MC09 chromosome, complete genome76.0141 %Subject Query39.1241