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Query: NC_009667:1934818 Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 1, complete sequence

D: 31.3936

Host Lineage: Ochrobactrum anthropi; Ochrobactrum; Brucellaceae; Rhizobiales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Soil bacterium that can cause opportunistic infections. Ochrobactrum anthropi is an opportunistic human pathogen usually causing infection in association with indwelling medical devices, such as catheters and drainage tubes. This organism and related species have also been isolated from soil, activated sludge, and plants. Ochrobactrum anthropi is a Gram-negative, anaerobic, motile bacterium. A common soil bacteria, it was originally considered as an opportunistic pathogen, causing infections in immunocompromised patients, patients with indwelling catheters or peritoneal dialysis but it is now emerging as a more and more important nosocomial pathogen. The first case of human infection was described in 1980. It has been isolated from blood, the urogenital tract, respiratory tract and eyes, and it can be part of the normal intestinal flora. It is resistant to many antibiotics, especially the beta-lactams.

Number of Neighbours: 341

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Subject IslandSubject Host Description Compositional Similarity Proposed Island FlowSubject Island D
NC_015593:2914384Sphingobium chlorophenolicum L-1 chromosome chromosome 1, complete75.4259 %Subject Query19.8474
NC_014006:1365207Sphingobium japonicum UT26S chromosome 1, complete genome75.337 %Subject Query20.8962
NC_014323:961825*Herbaspirillum seropedicae SmR1 chromosome, complete genome76.3082 %Subject ←→ Query22.5483
NC_015684:3157941Oligotropha carboxidovorans OM5 chromosome, complete genome76.4154 %Subject ←→ Query22.9268
NC_010581:3387118Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica ATCC 9039, complete genome78.4406 %Subject ←→ Query23.0758
NC_010816:1852406Bifidobacterium longum DJO10A, complete genome75.4289 %Subject ←→ Query23.1548
NC_015379:2505233Pseudomonas brassicacearum subsp. brassicacearum NFM421 chromosome,75.7567 %Subject ←→ Query23.3013
NC_016002:3704006*Pseudogulbenkiania sp. NH8B, complete genome75.0031 %Subject ←→ Query24.0789
NC_007761:3047321*Rhizobium etli CFN 42, complete genome75.6832 %Subject ←→ Query24.2887
NC_008781:1507384*Polaromonas naphthalenivorans CJ2, complete genome75.3401 %Subject ←→ Query24.5146
NC_006569:370846Silicibacter pomeroyi DSS-3 megaplasmid, complete sequence75.5637 %Subject ←→ Query24.8115
NC_007298:2947200*Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome75.7598 %Subject ←→ Query24.8966
NC_005773:5310339*Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola 1448A, complete genome75.2267 %Subject ←→ Query25.076
NC_015730:921735Roseobacter litoralis Och 149 chromosome, complete genome78.9675 %Subject ←→ Query25.0912
NC_004578:4204235*Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato str. DC3000, complete genome76.3021 %Subject ←→ Query25.1398
NC_012854:1Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii WSM1325 plasmid pR132505,75.6342 %Subject ←→ Query25.1697
NC_010581:561579Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica ATCC 9039, complete genome77.9718 %Subject ←→ Query25.1885
NC_008209:1385094*Roseobacter denitrificans OCh 114, complete genome79.0257 %Subject ←→ Query25.2163
NC_007492:3384077Pseudomonas fluorescens PfO-1, complete genome76.3634 %Subject ←→ Query25.2411
NC_007950:185500Polaromonas sp. JS666 plasmid 2, complete sequence75.0031 %Subject ←→ Query25.2979
NC_008358:2257787Hyphomonas neptunium ATCC 15444, complete genome75.6495 %Subject ←→ Query25.4469
NC_006677:1596560*Gluconobacter oxydans 621H, complete genome76.204 %Subject ←→ Query25.474
NC_007298:1499344Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome76.0601 %Subject ←→ Query25.5837
NC_011983:1746000Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 chromosome 2, complete genome77.1599 %Subject ←→ Query25.6749
NC_008254:3143770Mesorhizobium sp. BNC1, complete genome76.5043 %Subject ←→ Query25.6997
NC_012850:459315Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii WSM1325, complete genome77.3009 %Subject ←→ Query25.7001
NC_007802:1484641*Jannaschia sp. CCS1, complete genome75.5913 %Subject ←→ Query25.8593
NC_008358:2574343Hyphomonas neptunium ATCC 15444, complete genome75.8977 %Subject ←→ Query25.9598
NC_010645:73573Bordetella avium 197N, complete genome75.3615 %Subject ←→ Query26.1274
NC_008043:86470*Silicibacter sp. TM1040 mega plasmid, complete sequence75.1838 %Subject ←→ Query26.1734
NC_007298:2856104*Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome76.4522 %Subject ←→ Query26.2504
NC_007406:2615916Nitrobacter winogradskyi Nb-255, complete genome75.2849 %Subject ←→ Query26.4561
NC_015684:2000771Oligotropha carboxidovorans OM5 chromosome, complete genome75.4075 %Subject ←→ Query26.6102
NC_008347:2515921Maricaulis maris MCS10, complete genome75.3339 %Subject ←→ Query26.6609
NC_002678:3701500Mesorhizobium loti MAFF303099, complete genome76.7279 %Subject ←→ Query26.7246
NC_008358:1789816*Hyphomonas neptunium ATCC 15444, complete genome80.1348 %Subject ←→ Query26.7364
NC_014313:2059933*Hyphomicrobium denitrificans ATCC 51888 chromosome, complete76.5717 %Subject ←→ Query26.8058
NC_008254:611437Mesorhizobium sp. BNC1, complete genome76.2684 %Subject ←→ Query26.8726
NC_005773:694990Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola 1448A, complete genome75.8977 %Subject ←→ Query26.9657
NC_008618:1487000Bifidobacterium adolescentis ATCC 15703, complete genome75.579 %Subject ←→ Query26.9912
NC_007614:2517226Nitrosospira multiformis ATCC 25196 chromosome 1, complete76.4675 %Subject ←→ Query27.0586
NC_015579:53500Novosphingobium sp. PP1Y plasmid Lpl, complete sequence77.1844 %Subject ←→ Query27.086
NC_007298:1721425Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome77.5582 %Subject ←→ Query27.1109
NC_014816:2357000Asticcacaulis excentricus CB 48 chromosome 1, complete sequence75.5024 %Subject ←→ Query27.2545
NC_010581:2943913Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica ATCC 9039, complete genome80.3891 %Subject ←→ Query27.338
NC_007298:1129889*Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome75.7659 %Subject ←→ Query27.3468
NC_007761:2071500Rhizobium etli CFN 42, complete genome75.6373 %Subject ←→ Query27.3549
NC_007298:1759881Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome76.2868 %Subject ←→ Query27.3561
NC_011386:2073726*Oligotropha carboxidovorans OM5, complete genome75.9988 %Subject ←→ Query27.3972
NC_008758:143907*Polaromonas naphthalenivorans CJ2 plasmid pPNAP02, complete76.8597 %Subject ←→ Query27.4348
NC_008209:253663Roseobacter denitrificans OCh 114, complete genome79.4547 %Subject ←→ Query27.4501
NC_003317:1443874Brucella melitensis 16M chromosome I, complete sequence84.2341 %Subject ←→ Query27.4772
NC_007298:750361*Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome76.8903 %Subject ←→ Query27.589
NC_008618:1704462Bifidobacterium adolescentis ATCC 15703, complete genome77.5919 %Subject ←→ Query27.5916
NC_015730:3662934Roseobacter litoralis Och 149 chromosome, complete genome77.2028 %Subject ←→ Query27.6346
NC_008380:855246Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae 3841, complete genome80.2298 %Subject ←→ Query27.7151
NC_007298:778723Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome78.027 %Subject ←→ Query27.8158
NC_002932:296557*Chlorobium tepidum TLS, complete genome76.4461 %Subject ←→ Query27.8605
NC_014722:2070864Burkholderia rhizoxinica HKI 454, complete genome75.7384 %Subject ←→ Query27.9659
NC_015730:3693391Roseobacter litoralis Och 149 chromosome, complete genome77.5705 %Subject ←→ Query28.0451
NC_015856:3832000Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome75.3646 %Subject ←→ Query28.046
NC_012483:1408500*Acidobacterium capsulatum ATCC 51196, complete genome76.6789 %Subject ←→ Query28.129
NC_015857:731982Brucella pinnipedialis B2/94 chromosome chromosome 1, complete81.8413 %Subject ←→ Query28.1311
NC_007298:219783*Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome75.8027 %Subject ←→ Query28.1317
NC_007492:4563981Pseudomonas fluorescens PfO-1, complete genome75.2328 %Subject ←→ Query28.1493
NC_015856:1271295*Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome76.7984 %Subject ←→ Query28.1505
NC_011985:1831961Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 chromosome 1, complete genome79.0196 %Subject ←→ Query28.2018
NC_015856:3536441*Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome75.9957 %Subject ←→ Query28.2874
NC_013422:2004478Halothiobacillus neapolitanus c2, complete genome78.0699 %Subject ←→ Query28.3743
NC_011386:931140Oligotropha carboxidovorans OM5, complete genome77.2978 %Subject ←→ Query28.4048
NC_010623:1871492Burkholderia phymatum STM815 chromosome 2, complete sequence75.2267 %Subject ←→ Query28.4885
NC_012483:848750*Acidobacterium capsulatum ATCC 51196, complete genome75.386 %Subject ←→ Query28.6109
NC_014664:493900Rhodomicrobium vannielii ATCC 17100 chromosome, complete genome75.2022 %Subject ←→ Query28.6175
NC_011985:3380842*Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 chromosome 1, complete genome75.3952 %Subject ←→ Query28.6175
NC_007298:2170181*Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome79.6048 %Subject ←→ Query28.6468
NC_010994:3477000Rhizobium etli CIAT 652, complete genome75.864 %Subject ←→ Query28.8667
NC_015856:633353Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome75.9743 %Subject ←→ Query28.8698
NC_007298:1824335*Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome76.4277 %Subject ←→ Query28.9118
NC_007947:577315*Methylobacillus flagellatus KT, complete genome75.3768 %Subject ←→ Query28.9164
NC_013959:1195249Sideroxydans lithotrophicus ES-1 chromosome, complete genome78.076 %Subject ←→ Query28.9245
NC_015857:531314*Brucella pinnipedialis B2/94 chromosome chromosome 1, complete81.6207 %Subject ←→ Query28.9291
NC_010103:507482*Brucella canis ATCC 23365 chromosome I, complete sequence81.5012 %Subject ←→ Query28.9388
NC_010645:3720501*Bordetella avium 197N, complete genome75.7047 %Subject ←→ Query28.9564
NC_007761:781210*Rhizobium etli CFN 42, complete genome79.8131 %Subject ←→ Query28.9946
NC_007298:1418500*Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome76.011 %Subject ←→ Query29.1305
NC_003305:1Agrobacterium tumefaciens str. C58 chromosome linear, complete78.4191 %Subject ←→ Query29.1373
NC_009668:1726000*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 2, complete sequence80.4412 %Subject ←→ Query29.1668
NC_003305:693810Agrobacterium tumefaciens str. C58 chromosome linear, complete76.538 %Subject ←→ Query29.1703
NC_016027:2580477Gluconacetobacter xylinus NBRC 3288, complete genome75.7935 %Subject ←→ Query29.2161
NC_011666:3001513Methylocella silvestris BL2, complete genome75.1746 %Subject ←→ Query29.3747
NC_011991:65368Agrobacterium vitis S4 plasmid pAtS4b, complete sequence78.1189 %Subject ←→ Query29.3896
NC_007298:1334876Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome76.1091 %Subject ←→ Query29.3987
NC_009667:1341000*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 1, complete sequence76.4062 %Subject ←→ Query29.4392
NC_004310:1578918*Brucella suis 1330 chromosome I, complete sequence77.3254 %Subject ←→ Query29.4559
NC_007618:526400Brucella melitensis biovar Abortus 2308 chromosome I, complete83.0208 %Subject ←→ Query29.4739
NC_012848:320883Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii WSM1325 plasmid pR132501,75.2727 %Subject ←→ Query29.5026
NC_015856:4301230Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome80.0184 %Subject ←→ Query29.5257
NC_009138:2110500*Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans, complete genome77.4234 %Subject ←→ Query29.5401
NC_006932:1596732*Brucella abortus biovar 1 str. 9-941 chromosome I, complete77.549 %Subject ←→ Query29.5452
NC_006932:531000*Brucella abortus biovar 1 str. 9-941 chromosome I, complete82.5337 %Subject ←→ Query29.548
NC_015730:1799500Roseobacter litoralis Och 149 chromosome, complete genome78.1373 %Subject ←→ Query29.5509
NC_006932:1795500*Brucella abortus biovar 1 str. 9-941 chromosome I, complete79.0012 %Subject ←→ Query29.5544
NC_010742:529500*Brucella abortus S19 chromosome 1, complete sequence82.6869 %Subject ←→ Query29.5732
NC_011983:760113Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 chromosome 2, complete genome79.0748 %Subject ←→ Query29.5902
NC_010169:527500*Brucella suis ATCC 23445 chromosome I, complete sequence82.8768 %Subject ←→ Query29.591
NC_014963:2759978Terriglobus saanensis SP1PR4 chromosome, complete genome75.4534 %Subject ←→ Query29.5972
NC_014722:846084Burkholderia rhizoxinica HKI 454, complete genome76.9026 %Subject ←→ Query29.6093
NC_008358:2638245Hyphomonas neptunium ATCC 15444, complete genome75.2206 %Subject ←→ Query29.634
NC_011982:130199*Agrobacterium vitis S4 plasmid pTiS4, complete sequence78.3395 %Subject ←→ Query29.6713
NC_011983:508287Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 chromosome 2, complete genome79.2862 %Subject ←→ Query29.7027
NC_010742:264433*Brucella abortus S19 chromosome 1, complete sequence78.2476 %Subject ←→ Query29.7039
NC_006932:266000*Brucella abortus biovar 1 str. 9-941 chromosome I, complete77.7206 %Subject ←→ Query29.741
NC_004310:508483*Brucella suis 1330 chromosome I, complete sequence82.8125 %Subject ←→ Query29.7635
NC_004310:1777721*Brucella suis 1330 chromosome I, complete sequence79.4332 %Subject ←→ Query29.7817
NC_015857:1809500*Brucella pinnipedialis B2/94 chromosome chromosome 1, complete78.8235 %Subject ←→ Query29.7996
NC_007618:262415*Brucella melitensis biovar Abortus 2308 chromosome I, complete78.223 %Subject ←→ Query29.8086
NC_003317:1719546*Brucella melitensis 16M chromosome I, complete sequence79.9387 %Subject ←→ Query29.8952
NC_002678:6232000Mesorhizobium loti MAFF303099, complete genome76.777 %Subject ←→ Query29.8991
NC_015857:265721*Brucella pinnipedialis B2/94 chromosome chromosome 1, complete78.6397 %Subject ←→ Query29.9099
NC_011982:206784Agrobacterium vitis S4 plasmid pTiS4, complete sequence78.125 %Subject ←→ Query29.9998
NC_010742:1794000*Brucella abortus S19 chromosome 1, complete sequence78.3211 %Subject ←→ Query30.0261
NC_011985:3869998Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 chromosome 1, complete genome77.4234 %Subject ←→ Query30.0316
NC_003304:51048*Agrobacterium tumefaciens str. C58 chromosome circular, complete75.6434 %Subject ←→ Query30.0644
NC_010627:532407Burkholderia phymatum STM815 plasmid pBPHY02, complete sequence78.0423 %Subject ←→ Query30.1076
NC_013959:1555799Sideroxydans lithotrophicus ES-1 chromosome, complete genome76.9822 %Subject ←→ Query30.1325
NC_015389:1070500Coriobacterium glomerans PW2 chromosome, complete genome75.0888 %Subject ←→ Query30.1469
NC_002932:2142000*Chlorobium tepidum TLS, complete genome75.2604 %Subject ←→ Query30.1556
NC_010997:910938Rhizobium etli CIAT 652 plasmid pC, complete sequence78.269 %Subject ←→ Query30.1687
NC_014006:611592*Sphingobium japonicum UT26S chromosome 1, complete genome75.723 %Subject ←→ Query30.1893
NC_010103:1777000*Brucella canis ATCC 23365 chromosome I, complete sequence78.5263 %Subject ←→ Query30.2076
NC_004741:2593012Shigella flexneri 2a str. 2457T, complete genome78.4467 %Subject ←→ Query30.2225
NC_008209:1097607*Roseobacter denitrificans OCh 114, complete genome78.4896 %Subject ←→ Query30.256
NC_000914:135534Rhizobium sp. NGR234 plasmid pNGR234a, complete sequence75.4504 %Subject ←→ Query30.284
NC_010742:726146Brucella abortus S19 chromosome 1, complete sequence80.9252 %Subject ←→ Query30.3198
NC_007618:1792500*Brucella melitensis biovar Abortus 2308 chromosome I, complete79.1789 %Subject ←→ Query30.3201
NC_015730:1107840*Roseobacter litoralis Och 149 chromosome, complete genome80.8609 %Subject ←→ Query30.3324
NC_007618:724238Brucella melitensis biovar Abortus 2308 chromosome I, complete80.4534 %Subject ←→ Query30.3356
NC_004578:1190000*Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato str. DC3000, complete genome76.0355 %Subject ←→ Query30.342
NC_004310:937800*Brucella suis 1330 chromosome I, complete sequence82.6471 %Subject ←→ Query30.3549
NC_014313:165490Hyphomicrobium denitrificans ATCC 51888 chromosome, complete75.7751 %Subject ←→ Query30.3727
NC_007618:1593886*Brucella melitensis biovar Abortus 2308 chromosome I, complete77.8554 %Subject ←→ Query30.4248
NC_009138:2242470*Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans, complete genome77.883 %Subject ←→ Query30.463
NC_011987:362997Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 plasmid pAtK84c, complete sequence77.8462 %Subject ←→ Query30.4663
NC_010103:936250*Brucella canis ATCC 23365 chromosome I, complete sequence82.7665 %Subject ←→ Query30.4849
NC_010742:1595065*Brucella abortus S19 chromosome 1, complete sequence77.9075 %Subject ←→ Query30.4911
NC_004310:706238Brucella suis 1330 chromosome I, complete sequence80.2053 %Subject ←→ Query30.563
NC_010623:188143Burkholderia phymatum STM815 chromosome 2, complete sequence75.1685 %Subject ←→ Query30.626
NC_007298:2568851Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome78.3088 %Subject ←→ Query30.6451
NC_015857:1609670*Brucella pinnipedialis B2/94 chromosome chromosome 1, complete77.4724 %Subject ←→ Query30.6712
NC_013722:1689125*Xanthomonas albilineans, complete genome77.742 %Subject ←→ Query30.6852
NC_003317:392271*Brucella melitensis 16M chromosome I, complete sequence78.4559 %Subject ←→ Query30.741
NC_010103:1577750*Brucella canis ATCC 23365 chromosome I, complete sequence77.9473 %Subject ←→ Query30.7951
NC_015856:439795Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome78.652 %Subject ←→ Query30.8616
NC_015222:3137167Nitrosomonas sp. AL212 chromosome, complete genome76.1244 %Subject ←→ Query30.8994
NC_014414:1140357*Parvularcula bermudensis HTCC2503 chromosome, complete genome75.1562 %Subject ←→ Query30.9309
NC_010169:1599936*Brucella suis ATCC 23445 chromosome I, complete sequence77.9749 %Subject ←→ Query30.9754
NC_015738:2773552Eggerthella sp. YY7918, complete genome77.5827 %Subject ←→ Query30.984
NC_006932:956805*Brucella abortus biovar 1 str. 9-941 chromosome I, complete83.1924 %Subject ←→ Query31.0233
NC_009668:1591290*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 2, complete sequence76.2439 %Subject ←→ Query31.0235
NC_015856:3675592*Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome75.6373 %Subject ←→ Query31.0433
NC_010169:725152Brucella suis ATCC 23445 chromosome I, complete sequence79.7243 %Subject ←→ Query31.0494
NC_009138:3153576Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans, complete genome77.8676 %Subject ←→ Query31.0554
NC_015379:1887275*Pseudomonas brassicacearum subsp. brassicacearum NFM421 chromosome,77.0864 %Subject ←→ Query31.0848
NC_003317:1263562*Brucella melitensis 16M chromosome I, complete sequence79.0043 %Subject ←→ Query31.0858
NC_010103:704875Brucella canis ATCC 23365 chromosome I, complete sequence79.9449 %Subject ←→ Query31.1041
NC_015857:963570*Brucella pinnipedialis B2/94 chromosome chromosome 1, complete82.5643 %Subject ←→ Query31.1461
NC_015593:2841856*Sphingobium chlorophenolicum L-1 chromosome chromosome 1, complete79.0748 %Subject ←→ Query31.1538
NC_015731:25493*Nitrosomonas sp. Is79A3 chromosome, complete genome76.9332 %Subject ←→ Query31.2014
NC_010581:937793Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica ATCC 9039, complete genome79.9816 %Subject ←→ Query31.2044
NC_006932:727943Brucella abortus biovar 1 str. 9-941 chromosome I, complete80.4933 %Subject ←→ Query31.2348
NC_014366:3555425Gamma proteobacterium HdN1, complete genome75.9835 %Subject ←→ Query31.2804
NC_012880:3241886*Dickeya dadantii Ech703, complete genome75.5116 %Subject ←→ Query31.3412
NC_009667:1076718*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 1, complete sequence75.1593 %Subject ←→ Query31.3911
NC_015730:1918000Roseobacter litoralis Och 149 chromosome, complete genome77.1048 %Subject ←→ Query31.3951
NC_010169:957565*Brucella suis ATCC 23445 chromosome I, complete sequence82.3101 %Subject ←→ Query31.4304
NC_014394:2577949Gallionella capsiferriformans ES-2 chromosome, complete genome76.3082 %Subject ←→ Query31.4567
NC_007618:955000*Brucella melitensis biovar Abortus 2308 chromosome I, complete82.546 %Subject ←→ Query31.48
NC_010740:1051000*Brucella abortus S19 chromosome 2, complete sequence78.508 %Subject ←→ Query31.6153
NC_010169:261473*Brucella suis ATCC 23445 chromosome I, complete sequence79.0809 %Subject ←→ Query31.6348
NC_008781:3688965Polaromonas naphthalenivorans CJ2, complete genome75.1777 %Subject ←→ Query31.6517
NC_004307:1108325Bifidobacterium longum NCC2705, complete genome76.4093 %Subject ←→ Query31.6663
NC_005773:4899252Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola 1448A, complete genome77.5184 %Subject ←→ Query31.6748
NC_015717:1723047Hyphomicrobium sp. MC1, complete genome80.0643 %Subject ←→ Query31.6863
NC_015730:3853065*Roseobacter litoralis Och 149 chromosome, complete genome75.3033 %Subject ←→ Query31.6873
NC_015437:164194Selenomonas sputigena ATCC 35185 chromosome, complete genome75.3615 %Subject ←→ Query31.692
NC_015856:4975815*Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome75.432 %Subject ←→ Query31.7402
NC_010581:3133547Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica ATCC 9039, complete genome79.326 %Subject ←→ Query31.7697
NC_007298:2769525*Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome76.8107 %Subject ←→ Query31.7974
NC_013959:1723037*Sideroxydans lithotrophicus ES-1 chromosome, complete genome77.3499 %Subject ←→ Query31.8554
NC_003317:190975*Brucella melitensis 16M chromosome I, complete sequence79.9632 %Subject ←→ Query31.8918
NC_015738:873653*Eggerthella sp. YY7918, complete genome75.1746 %Subject ←→ Query31.9005
NC_015183:51500*Agrobacterium sp. H13-3 chromosome, complete genome76.4491 %Subject ←→ Query31.9053
NC_007298:3271071*Dechloromonas aromatica RCB, complete genome75.0153 %Subject ←→ Query31.9562
NC_011988:924721*Agrobacterium vitis S4 chromosome 2, complete genome75.6189 %Subject ←→ Query32.0937
NC_011985:2902000Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 chromosome 1, complete genome75.579 %Subject ←→ Query32.0963
NC_015856:1182974*Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome78.0944 %Subject ←→ Query32.1487
NC_010742:955104*Brucella abortus S19 chromosome 1, complete sequence83.1924 %Subject ←→ Query32.1853
NC_002947:2157648Pseudomonas putida KT2440, complete genome75.386 %Subject ←→ Query32.1856
NC_004311:1096649*Brucella suis 1330 chromosome II, complete sequence78.0392 %Subject ←→ Query32.3155
NC_014972:2503107Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome75.4044 %Subject ←→ Query32.3164
NC_013959:83992Sideroxydans lithotrophicus ES-1 chromosome, complete genome76.0202 %Subject ←→ Query32.3271
NC_012814:1599241Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis Bl-04, complete genome75.2298 %Subject ←→ Query32.3379
NC_014972:3227500*Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome75.3309 %Subject ←→ Query32.3488
NC_015856:940625*Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome78.3854 %Subject ←→ Query32.4073
NC_013592:1602242Dickeya dadantii Ech586, complete genome79.182 %Subject ←→ Query32.4112
NC_015458:2614108*Pusillimonas sp. T7-7 chromosome, complete genome78.3241 %Subject ←→ Query32.434
NC_015183:2483653*Agrobacterium sp. H13-3 chromosome, complete genome75.6771 %Subject ←→ Query32.456
NC_014394:2228470*Gallionella capsiferriformans ES-2 chromosome, complete genome75.5699 %Subject ←→ Query32.466
NC_010104:1096081*Brucella canis ATCC 23365 chromosome II, complete sequence78.1985 %Subject ←→ Query32.4948
NC_012815:1603916Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis DSM 10140, complete genome75.8303 %Subject ←→ Query32.4976
NC_014394:93344Gallionella capsiferriformans ES-2 chromosome, complete genome77.0129 %Subject ←→ Query32.5024
NC_010167:1085106*Brucella suis ATCC 23445 chromosome II, complete sequence76.6544 %Subject ←→ Query32.5527
NC_005773:5149768*Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola 1448A, complete genome76.538 %Subject ←→ Query32.5766
NC_013422:1755875Halothiobacillus neapolitanus c2, complete genome75.8824 %Subject ←→ Query32.5971
NC_015856:2488297Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome75.6771 %Subject ←→ Query32.6886
NC_014394:1658357*Gallionella capsiferriformans ES-2 chromosome, complete genome76.0723 %Subject ←→ Query32.7274
NC_007624:1046500*Brucella melitensis biovar Abortus 2308 chromosome II, complete78.3946 %Subject ←→ Query32.7278
NC_013173:1305916Desulfomicrobium baculatum DSM 4028, complete genome78.2659 %Subject ←→ Query32.7436
NC_015858:1150446*Brucella pinnipedialis B2/94 chromosome chromosome 2, complete77.6164 %Subject ←→ Query33.0513
NC_012969:142000*Methylovorus glucosetrophus SIP3-4 chromosome, complete genome75.8364 %Subject ←→ Query33.0551
NC_009138:1544835Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans, complete genome79.0656 %Subject ←→ Query33.0583
NC_014323:3976351Herbaspirillum seropedicae SmR1 chromosome, complete genome76.3787 %Subject ←→ Query33.063
NC_015856:4342500Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome75.1532 %Subject ←→ Query33.0689
NC_006933:1051873*Brucella abortus biovar 1 str. 9-941 chromosome II, complete78.1556 %Subject ←→ Query33.0765
NC_010676:3009980Burkholderia phytofirmans PsJN chromosome 2, complete sequence77.0221 %Subject ←→ Query33.0861
NC_011987:53760Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 plasmid pAtK84c, complete sequence82.549 %Subject ←→ Query33.1909
NC_008358:798390Hyphomonas neptunium ATCC 15444, complete genome77.1201 %Subject ←→ Query33.231
NC_002932:937157Chlorobium tepidum TLS, complete genome79.3137 %Subject ←→ Query33.2928
NC_011027:136954*Chlorobaculum parvum NCIB 8327, complete genome77.0956 %Subject ←→ Query33.2989
NC_007005:5154317Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae B728a, complete genome76.1091 %Subject ←→ Query33.3359
NC_007762:88979Rhizobium etli CFN 42 plasmid p42a, complete sequence77.3407 %Subject ←→ Query33.3733
NC_012880:135508Dickeya dadantii Ech703, complete genome76.6268 %Subject ←→ Query33.437
NC_003318:183914*Brucella melitensis 16M chromosome II, complete sequence77.7114 %Subject ←→ Query33.4885
NC_003317:1030220*Brucella melitensis 16M chromosome I, complete sequence82.0711 %Subject ←→ Query33.5007
NC_013959:2801557Sideroxydans lithotrophicus ES-1 chromosome, complete genome76.3235 %Subject ←→ Query33.5704
NC_007498:3085511*Pelobacter carbinolicus DSM 2380, complete genome76.0846 %Subject ←→ Query33.6029
NC_007005:1738500*Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae B728a, complete genome75.9835 %Subject ←→ Query33.6768
NC_003306:22228Agrobacterium tumefaciens str. C58 plasmid AT, complete sequence77.598 %Subject ←→ Query33.7257
NC_003305:1743939Agrobacterium tumefaciens str. C58 chromosome linear, complete80.4994 %Subject ←→ Query33.7678
NC_010529:296500Cupriavidus taiwanensis plasmid pRALTA, complete sequence77.5306 %Subject ←→ Query33.7969
NC_013118:1109610*Brucella microti CCM 4915 chromosome 2, complete genome77.9963 %Subject ←→ Query33.8197
NC_015856:3170771*Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome77.3101 %Subject ←→ Query33.8436
NC_014394:707305*Gallionella capsiferriformans ES-2 chromosome, complete genome79.6324 %Subject ←→ Query33.8765
NC_015856:3912195*Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome78.2169 %Subject ←→ Query33.8992
NC_014722:1Burkholderia rhizoxinica HKI 454, complete genome77.7574 %Subject ←→ Query33.911
NC_014816:2446236Asticcacaulis excentricus CB 48 chromosome 1, complete sequence77.8094 %Subject ←→ Query33.9774
NC_003305:922357Agrobacterium tumefaciens str. C58 chromosome linear, complete77.8064 %Subject ←→ Query34.0027
NC_014394:1325616Gallionella capsiferriformans ES-2 chromosome, complete genome75.2328 %Subject ←→ Query34.0576
NC_015856:1Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome76.4859 %Subject ←→ Query34.0689
NC_004578:2671508Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato str. DC3000, complete genome75.7261 %Subject ←→ Query34.0893
NC_013714:2086526*Bifidobacterium dentium Bd1, complete genome76.204 %Subject ←→ Query34.1422
NC_008344:669498*Nitrosomonas eutropha C91, complete genome75.2665 %Subject ←→ Query34.1561
NC_015856:2146713Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome75.6801 %Subject ←→ Query34.1917
NC_015856:764651*Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome80.432 %Subject ←→ Query34.1925
NC_013173:1259898Desulfomicrobium baculatum DSM 4028, complete genome78.5907 %Subject ←→ Query34.2124
NC_015942:722980Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans SS3 chromosome, complete genome76.5257 %Subject ←→ Query34.2899
NC_009668:46010Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 2, complete sequence78.3364 %Subject ←→ Query34.296
NC_009138:1583988Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans, complete genome76.0478 %Subject ←→ Query34.302
NC_012969:2476318*Methylovorus glucosetrophus SIP3-4 chromosome, complete genome76.0355 %Subject ←→ Query34.3356
NC_015856:1733500Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome77.8952 %Subject ←→ Query34.3939
NC_004757:905417Nitrosomonas europaea ATCC 19718, complete genome75.7476 %Subject ←→ Query34.6191
NC_011027:817311*Chlorobaculum parvum NCIB 8327, complete genome75.239 %Subject ←→ Query34.6303
NC_014365:1094516Desulfarculus baarsii DSM 2075 chromosome, complete genome75.5545 %Subject ←→ Query34.6499
NC_015738:1114919*Eggerthella sp. YY7918, complete genome76.6575 %Subject ←→ Query34.8239
NC_015856:3059737Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome75.6832 %Subject ←→ Query34.8843
NC_009667:2860818*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 1, complete sequence82.8033 %Subject ←→ Query34.9642
NC_009138:1843998*Herminiimonas arsenicoxydans, complete genome80.3554 %Subject ←→ Query34.9668
NC_010103:1920585*Brucella canis ATCC 23365 chromosome I, complete sequence76.2347 %Subject ←→ Query34.9718
NC_008343:1470360*Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH1, complete genome75.769 %Subject ←→ Query35.2576
NC_007626:1038214Magnetospirillum magneticum AMB-1, complete genome75.3585 %Subject ←→ Query35.2809
NC_015566:4049000Serratia sp. AS12 chromosome, complete genome75.9406 %Subject ←→ Query35.291
NC_008343:1699132Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH1, complete genome77.739 %Subject ←→ Query35.3703
NC_008344:2374761Nitrosomonas eutropha C91, complete genome75.3462 %Subject ←→ Query35.5098
NC_007712:3382000Sodalis glossinidius str. 'morsitans', complete genome75.9069 %Subject ←→ Query35.7768
NC_015731:3180194Nitrosomonas sp. Is79A3 chromosome, complete genome76.0876 %Subject ←→ Query35.8606
NC_010169:1739402*Brucella suis ATCC 23445 chromosome I, complete sequence76.8444 %Subject ←→ Query35.9669
NC_015389:616430Coriobacterium glomerans PW2 chromosome, complete genome75.5913 %Subject ←→ Query36.0404
NC_012982:711122*Hirschia baltica ATCC 49814, complete genome77.8799 %Subject ←→ Query36.0979
NC_011985:3892630Agrobacterium radiobacter K84 chromosome 1, complete genome78.7102 %Subject ←→ Query36.1683
NC_016027:123853Gluconacetobacter xylinus NBRC 3288, complete genome75.7782 %Subject ←→ Query36.2025
NC_011027:858565*Chlorobaculum parvum NCIB 8327, complete genome75.3401 %Subject ←→ Query36.2404
NC_015738:1971211Eggerthella sp. YY7918, complete genome77.0374 %Subject ←→ Query36.3101
NC_007645:6407370*Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396, complete genome77.2549 %Subject ←→ Query36.3144
NC_007802:1991211*Jannaschia sp. CCS1, complete genome75.7812 %Subject ←→ Query36.322
NC_015738:838715*Eggerthella sp. YY7918, complete genome76.5748 %Subject ←→ Query36.3913
NC_004310:1923404*Brucella suis 1330 chromosome I, complete sequence77.068 %Subject ←→ Query36.4213
NC_009667:1203861*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 1, complete sequence80.9191 %Subject ←→ Query36.751
NC_008344:1*Nitrosomonas eutropha C91, complete genome77.0496 %Subject ←→ Query36.7971
NC_010581:709626Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica ATCC 9039, complete genome78.9308 %Subject ←→ Query36.7972
NC_013959:2449315*Sideroxydans lithotrophicus ES-1 chromosome, complete genome75.7108 %Subject ←→ Query36.8495
NC_015063:122000Rahnella sp. Y9602 plasmid pRAHAQ02, complete sequence78.8971 %Subject ←→ Query36.9326
NC_013165:1407000Slackia heliotrinireducens DSM 20476, complete genome78.4069 %Subject ←→ Query36.9972
NC_014323:4665610Herbaspirillum seropedicae SmR1 chromosome, complete genome75.9161 %Subject ←→ Query37.0512
NC_009668:594500*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 2, complete sequence80.5055 %Subject ←→ Query37.0794
NC_009767:2866668*Roseiflexus castenholzii DSM 13941, complete genome75.2206 %Subject ←→ Query37.1518
NC_007618:1937261*Brucella melitensis biovar Abortus 2308 chromosome I, complete75.288 %Subject ←→ Query37.2431
NC_005085:1269787*Chromobacterium violaceum ATCC 12472, complete genome75.6679 %Subject ←→ Query37.3187
NC_008750:1253354Shewanella sp. W3-18-1, complete genome75.5239 %Subject ←→ Query37.3244
NC_015856:1152021Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome77.788 %Subject ←→ Query37.3714
NC_007005:4515853Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae B728a, complete genome76.9118 %Subject ←→ Query37.5214
NC_003919:1716831*Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri str. 306, complete genome75.3033 %Subject ←→ Query37.6837
NC_011666:2259447*Methylocella silvestris BL2, complete genome77.0558 %Subject ←→ Query37.8834
NC_006932:1939145*Brucella abortus biovar 1 str. 9-941 chromosome I, complete75.9161 %Subject ←→ Query38.1696
NC_015857:1954173*Brucella pinnipedialis B2/94 chromosome chromosome 1, complete75.9467 %Subject ←→ Query38.2169
NC_010742:1938428*Brucella abortus S19 chromosome 1, complete sequence75.3278 %Subject ←→ Query38.2413
NC_015389:1977736Coriobacterium glomerans PW2 chromosome, complete genome77.7083 %Subject ←→ Query38.2559
NC_015942:2544407Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans SS3 chromosome, complete genome77.2947 %Subject ←→ Query38.3656
NC_013173:1231213Desulfomicrobium baculatum DSM 4028, complete genome75.1226 %Subject ←→ Query38.4372
NC_015856:268034Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome78.9859 %Subject ←→ Query38.5264
NC_015738:1707173Eggerthella sp. YY7918, complete genome75.1379 %Subject ←→ Query38.859
NC_008344:811386*Nitrosomonas eutropha C91, complete genome80.4534 %Subject ←→ Query38.962
NC_003317:48375*Brucella melitensis 16M chromosome I, complete sequence76.538 %Subject ←→ Query39.0321
NC_013959:2892660*Sideroxydans lithotrophicus ES-1 chromosome, complete genome77.1538 %Subject ←→ Query39.2386
NC_015379:1151143*Pseudomonas brassicacearum subsp. brassicacearum NFM421 chromosome,75.0031 %Subject ←→ Query39.366
NC_005085:2014987Chromobacterium violaceum ATCC 12472, complete genome75.9375 %Subject ←→ Query39.4063
NC_003384:109036Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar Typhi str. CT18 plasmid75.3922 %Subject ←→ Query39.4263
NC_010581:2999002Beijerinckia indica subsp. indica ATCC 9039, complete genome76.7433 %Subject ←→ Query40.2786
NC_013173:2261396*Desulfomicrobium baculatum DSM 4028, complete genome76.2194 %Subject ←→ Query40.3898
NC_013959:1059004Sideroxydans lithotrophicus ES-1 chromosome, complete genome80.3462 %Subject ←→ Query40.494
NC_008344:1364142*Nitrosomonas eutropha C91, complete genome75.2053 %Subject ←→ Query40.6814
NC_016002:1975000*Pseudogulbenkiania sp. NH8B, complete genome75.0582 %Subject ←→ Query40.685
NC_014006:850763*Sphingobium japonicum UT26S chromosome 1, complete genome76.1949 %Subject ←→ Query40.9997
NC_016026:2170500Micavibrio aeruginosavorus ARL-13 chromosome, complete genome75.9498 %Subject ←→ Query41.2078
NC_016027:2047954*Gluconacetobacter xylinus NBRC 3288, complete genome75.7322 %Subject ←→ Query41.3036
NC_006526:1976779Zymomonas mobilis subsp. mobilis ZM4, complete genome79.519 %Subject Query41.6344
NC_015410:2144387*Pseudomonas mendocina NK-01 chromosome, complete genome75.8149 %Subject Query41.6723
NC_011027:1570955*Chlorobaculum parvum NCIB 8327, complete genome76.0355 %Subject Query41.9062
NC_009667:1371924*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 1, complete sequence83.171 %Subject Query42.1148
NC_013173:3679326Desulfomicrobium baculatum DSM 4028, complete genome75.9161 %Subject Query42.5287
NC_007498:357484Pelobacter carbinolicus DSM 2380, complete genome75.1685 %Subject Query43.1192
NC_003308:1Agrobacterium tumefaciens str. C58 plasmid Ti, complete sequence79.9357 %Subject Query43.6752
NC_005085:4335333Chromobacterium violaceum ATCC 12472, complete genome76.3266 %Subject Query45.045
NC_012559:1064821Laribacter hongkongensis HLHK9, complete genome75.1103 %Subject Query45.2624
NC_009767:997500*Roseiflexus castenholzii DSM 13941, complete genome76.155 %Subject Query45.6465
NC_015067:459626Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum JCM 1217, complete genome77.7053 %Subject Query45.9555
NC_013173:1712138*Desulfomicrobium baculatum DSM 4028, complete genome75.0092 %Subject Query46.9406
NC_009446:174951Dichelobacter nodosus VCS1703A, complete genome75.7169 %Subject Query47.6128
NC_011027:303000*Chlorobaculum parvum NCIB 8327, complete genome77.4816 %Subject Query47.9407
NC_013714:2294342Bifidobacterium dentium Bd1, complete genome76.5441 %Subject Query48.7653
NC_002932:1798869*Chlorobium tepidum TLS, complete genome75.1961 %Subject Query50.6144
NC_010410:3606826Acinetobacter baumannii AYE, complete genome79.9418 %Subject Query53.266