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Query: NC_009483:2086021 Geobacter uraniireducens Rf4 chromosome, complete genome

D: 53.1981

Host Lineage: Geobacter uraniireducens; Geobacter; Geobacteraceae; Desulfuromonadales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Geobacter uraniireducens was isolated from an in situ uranium bioremediation study site in Rifle, Colorado, USA. Iron- and uranium-reducing bacterium. Gram-negative bacteria.

Number of Neighbours: 22

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Subject IslandSubject Host Description Compositional Similarity Proposed Island FlowSubject Island D
NC_016023:1839503Bacillus coagulans 36D1 chromosome, complete genome77.0251 %Subject Query27.7663
NC_016048:4047922*Oscillibacter valericigenes Sjm18-20, complete genome76.8413 %Subject ←→ Query43.3512
NC_014828:2038692Ethanoligenens harbinense YUAN-3 chromosome, complete genome76.826 %Subject Query39.8666
NC_010337:2848360*Heliobacterium modesticaldum Ice1, complete genome76.5502 %Subject ←→ Query48.8605
NC_010337:98974*Heliobacterium modesticaldum Ice1, complete genome76.299 %Subject ←→ Query49.7889
NC_014828:2605798Ethanoligenens harbinense YUAN-3 chromosome, complete genome75.9559 %Subject Query42.4899
NC_016935:1365463*Paenibacillus mucilaginosus 3016 chromosome, complete genome75.72 %Subject ←→ Query58.1217
NC_015690:3941113*Paenibacillus mucilaginosus KNP414 chromosome, complete genome75.7047 %Subject ←→ Query44.4181
NC_010337:803748Heliobacterium modesticaldum Ice1, complete genome75.2941 %Subject ←→ Query48.9344
NC_013406:4000518Paenibacillus sp. Y412MC10 chromosome, complete genome75.0306 %Subject Query31.2804
NC_016023:1538000*Bacillus coagulans 36D1 chromosome, complete genome75.0306 %Subject Query27.6447