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Query: NC_009443:277246 Streptococcus suis 98HAH33, complete genome

D: 34.5247

Host Lineage: Streptococcus suis; Streptococcus; Streptococcaceae; Lactobacillales; Firmicutes; Bacteria

General Information: Isolated from a human in Haian County, Jiangsu Province, China, 1998. Causative agent of meningitis, endocarditis, septicemia and arthritis in swine. Streptococci are Gram-positive, nonmotile, nonsporeforming, catalase-negative cocci that occur in pairs or chains. Members of this genus vary widely in pathogenic potential. Most streptococci are facultative anaerobes, and some are obligate anaerobes. Serologic grouping is based on antigenic differences in cell wall carbohydrates, in cell wall pili-associated protein, and in the polysaccharide capsule in group B streptococci. Streptococcus suis is a pathogen of pigs and is responsible for a variety of diseases including meningitis, arthritis and pneumonia. Occasionally this organism can infect humans causing septicemia, meningitis and endocarditis.

Number of Neighbours: 50

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Subject IslandSubject Host Description Compositional Similarity Proposed Island FlowSubject Island D
NC_012924:277325Streptococcus suis SC84, complete genome98.8205 %Subject ←→ Query34.369
NC_009442:277392Streptococcus suis 05ZYH33 chromosome, complete genome96.1887 %Subject ←→ Query33.4734
NC_012925:275704Streptococcus suis P1/7, complete genome94.9908 %Subject ←→ Query28.6175
NC_015433:285581Streptococcus suis ST3 chromosome, complete genome92.3468 %Subject ←→ Query36.3144
NC_021175:1635796*Streptococcus oligofermentans AS 1.3089, complete genome80.7874 %Subject ←→ Query26.3193
NC_012926:1910882*Streptococcus suis BM407 chromosome, complete genome80.0337 %Subject ←→ Query31.9376
NC_009443:1860390*Streptococcus suis 98HAH33, complete genome80.0031 %Subject ←→ Query29.4139
NC_012924:1860631*Streptococcus suis SC84, complete genome79.9724 %Subject ←→ Query29.2315
NC_009442:1865244*Streptococcus suis 05ZYH33 chromosome, complete genome79.7641 %Subject ←→ Query24.8115
NC_015678:1443178*Streptococcus parasanguinis ATCC 15912 chromosome, complete genome79.3137 %Subject ←→ Query32.7704
NC_009443:29349Streptococcus suis 98HAH33, complete genome79.1238 %Subject ←→ Query32.0237
NC_014498:99015Streptococcus pneumoniae 670-6B chromosome, complete genome78.9154 %Subject ←→ Query27.4974
NC_012925:1776450*Streptococcus suis P1/7, complete genome78.8297 %Subject ←→ Query27.5535
NC_012924:29353Streptococcus suis SC84, complete genome78.5938 %Subject ←→ Query32.4356
NC_012925:29353Streptococcus suis P1/7, complete genome78.5202 %Subject ←→ Query28.8777
NC_012926:140000Streptococcus suis BM407 chromosome, complete genome77.9749 %Subject ←→ Query28.28
NC_012926:30351Streptococcus suis BM407 chromosome, complete genome77.8125 %Subject ←→ Query32.4386
NC_009443:142500Streptococcus suis 98HAH33, complete genome77.068 %Subject ←→ Query29.1683
NC_009442:142500Streptococcus suis 05ZYH33 chromosome, complete genome77.0221 %Subject ←→ Query28.8697
NC_012924:142500Streptococcus suis SC84, complete genome76.5257 %Subject ←→ Query29.1586
NC_021175:845370Streptococcus oligofermentans AS 1.3089, complete genome75.9589 %Subject ←→ Query28.7134
NC_014498:2127000Streptococcus pneumoniae 670-6B chromosome, complete genome75.7353 %Subject ←→ Query29.0808
NC_017040:1524198*Streptococcus pyogenes MGAS15252 chromosome, complete genome75.6158 %Subject ←→ Query30.604
NC_008024:1725442*Streptococcus pyogenes MGAS10750, complete genome75.5668 %Subject Query23.6685
NC_014494:614809*Streptococcus pneumoniae AP200 chromosome, complete genome75.3738 %Subject ←→ Query25.2888