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Query: NC_008609:2446246 Pelobacter propionicus DSM 2379, complete genome

D: 48.8065

Host Lineage: Pelobacter propionicus; Pelobacter; Pelobacteraceae; Desulfuromonadales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Common environmental anaerobe. The genus Pelobacter encompasses a unique group of fermentative microorganisms in the delta-proteobacteria. This species is ubiquitous in both marine and fresh water, and in anaerobic sedmiments. It is able to convert the unsaturated hydrocarbon acetylene to to acetate and ethanol via acetylaldehyde as an intermediate. These microorganisms may survive in some sediments as an Fe(III) or elemental sulfur reducer as well as growing fermentatively as an ethanol-oxidizing acetogen.

Number of Neighbours: 69

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Subject IslandSubject Host Description Compositional Similarity Proposed Island FlowSubject Island D
NC_016002:3704006*Pseudogulbenkiania sp. NH8B, complete genome76.2745 %Subject Query24.0789
NC_007614:2517226Nitrosospira multiformis ATCC 25196 chromosome 1, complete75.4167 %Subject Query27.0586
NC_007614:620500*Nitrosospira multiformis ATCC 25196 chromosome 1, complete77.9105 %Subject Query28.7625
NC_007614:1633332Nitrosospira multiformis ATCC 25196 chromosome 1, complete79.0778 %Subject Query30.3502
NC_015222:3137167Nitrosomonas sp. AL212 chromosome, complete genome76.4583 %Subject Query30.8994
NC_014972:409884*Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome77.1569 %Subject Query30.9551
NC_014972:247028*Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome76.3051 %Subject Query31.0372
NC_007498:1611986Pelobacter carbinolicus DSM 2380, complete genome77.5919 %Subject Query31.1755
NC_014366:3555425Gamma proteobacterium HdN1, complete genome78.5662 %Subject Query31.2804
NC_007712:2897000Sodalis glossinidius str. 'morsitans', complete genome76.2224 %Subject Query31.329
NC_007947:1556437*Methylobacillus flagellatus KT, complete genome75.4044 %Subject Query31.517
NC_007614:2764848*Nitrosospira multiformis ATCC 25196 chromosome 1, complete79.1085 %Subject Query31.8612
NC_014972:2503107Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome76.1366 %Subject Query32.3164
NC_013223:685628Desulfohalobium retbaense DSM 5692, complete genome75.6924 %Subject Query32.4112
NC_013422:1755875Halothiobacillus neapolitanus c2, complete genome76.5717 %Subject Query32.5971
NC_011027:1024995Chlorobaculum parvum NCIB 8327, complete genome75.2083 %Subject Query32.7699
NC_008738:1Marinobacter aquaeolei VT8 plasmid pMAQU01, complete sequence76.0754 %Subject Query32.8252
NC_004757:267165Nitrosomonas europaea ATCC 19718, complete genome77.5276 %Subject Query32.8561
NC_007498:1562270Pelobacter carbinolicus DSM 2380, complete genome76.4583 %Subject Query32.9417
NC_013850:1887556*Klebsiella variicola At-22 chromosome, complete genome76.2255 %Subject Query32.9472
NC_012969:142000*Methylovorus glucosetrophus SIP3-4 chromosome, complete genome75.3248 %Subject Query33.0551
NC_014972:2798670*Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome75.5239 %Subject Query33.2083
NC_014216:1197704*Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus AHT2 chromosome, complete genome77.5276 %Subject Query33.4291
NC_014216:2054860Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus AHT2 chromosome, complete genome75.0766 %Subject Query33.6397
NC_007498:3399478Pelobacter carbinolicus DSM 2380, complete genome79.2678 %Subject Query34.1158
NC_008344:669498*Nitrosomonas eutropha C91, complete genome76.587 %Subject Query34.1561
NC_015663:4522109Enterobacter aerogenes KCTC 2190 chromosome, complete genome75.3738 %Subject Query34.196
NC_008341:29038Nitrosomonas eutropha C91 plasmid1, complete sequence76.1305 %Subject Query34.2777
NC_015856:1733500Collimonas fungivorans Ter331 chromosome, complete genome75.4534 %Subject Query34.3939
NC_014972:544146Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome80.337 %Subject Query35.0359
NC_015731:1Nitrosomonas sp. Is79A3 chromosome, complete genome75.4442 %Subject Query35.293
NC_011979:2969969Geobacter sp. FRC-32, complete genome75.0306 %Subject Query35.3075
NC_013850:2182337Klebsiella variicola At-22 chromosome, complete genome76.0233 %Subject Query35.6776
NC_008607:11663Pelobacter propionicus DSM 2379 plasmid pPRO1, complete sequence81.5839 %Subject Query35.7308
NC_015731:3180194Nitrosomonas sp. Is79A3 chromosome, complete genome75.8211 %Subject Query35.8606
NC_009648:1541699*Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae MGH 78578, complete genome75.5362 %Subject Query35.921
NC_008757:77023Polaromonas naphthalenivorans CJ2 plasmid pPNAP01, complete75.6893 %Subject Query36.2363
NC_007645:6461267*Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396, complete genome75.1471 %Subject Query36.2374
NC_007645:6407370*Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396, complete genome75.1562 %Subject Query36.3144
NC_014216:2860342Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus AHT2 chromosome, complete genome76.1213 %Subject Query36.5681
NC_014844:1818939Desulfovibrio aespoeensis Aspo-2 chromosome, complete genome76.0325 %Subject Query36.8612
NC_013037:6209424*Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053, complete genome79.1176 %Subject Query36.8957
NC_008740:3602367*Marinobacter aquaeolei VT8, complete genome75.1164 %Subject Query37.0075
NC_009668:594500*Ochrobactrum anthropi ATCC 49188 chromosome 2, complete sequence75.7782 %Subject Query37.0794
NC_014972:1407632*Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome77.886 %Subject Query37.8293
NC_013037:2906730Dyadobacter fermentans DSM 18053, complete genome75.7996 %Subject Query37.9073
NC_010814:3048441Geobacter lovleyi SZ, complete genome77.5582 %Subject Query37.9431
NC_009943:1043210Candidatus Desulfococcus oleovorans Hxd3, complete genome78.5202 %Subject Query37.9812
NC_015942:2544407Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans SS3 chromosome, complete genome76.0662 %Subject Query38.3656
NC_010814:1441327*Geobacter lovleyi SZ, complete genome83.2261 %Subject Query38.8037
NC_007645:3343815Hahella chejuensis KCTC 2396, complete genome75.0888 %Subject ←→ Query39.4868
NC_016048:2678205*Oscillibacter valericigenes Sjm18-20, complete genome77.4877 %Subject ←→ Query39.5991
NC_007498:197810Pelobacter carbinolicus DSM 2380, complete genome76.9945 %Subject ←→ Query39.7482
NC_007517:3430237*Geobacter metallireducens GS-15, complete genome79.0962 %Subject ←→ Query39.8767
NC_014972:1126426Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome78.7255 %Subject ←→ Query40.1404
NC_013959:1059004Sideroxydans lithotrophicus ES-1 chromosome, complete genome76.2316 %Subject ←→ Query40.494
NC_014972:2659388*Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome79.326 %Subject ←→ Query40.6122
NC_008344:1364142*Nitrosomonas eutropha C91, complete genome75.9007 %Subject ←→ Query40.6814
NC_009648:3224495Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae MGH 78578, complete genome76.6636 %Subject ←→ Query41.3336
NC_011027:1570955*Chlorobaculum parvum NCIB 8327, complete genome78.5386 %Subject ←→ Query41.9062
NC_011979:773673Geobacter sp. FRC-32, complete genome81.5809 %Subject ←→ Query42.259
NC_008609:206313Pelobacter propionicus DSM 2379, complete genome80.625 %Subject ←→ Query42.3243
NC_008609:1976403*Pelobacter propionicus DSM 2379, complete genome83.9553 %Subject ←→ Query46.1773
NC_014972:3688000*Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome76.5993 %Subject ←→ Query47.3354
NC_008609:3921113Pelobacter propionicus DSM 2379, complete genome77.5827 %Subject ←→ Query50.2149
NC_013173:953633*Desulfomicrobium baculatum DSM 4028, complete genome75.7874 %Subject ←→ Query50.4175
NC_002932:1798869*Chlorobium tepidum TLS, complete genome75.3278 %Subject ←→ Query50.6144
NC_010410:3606826Acinetobacter baumannii AYE, complete genome75.9926 %Subject ←→ Query53.266
NC_008609:3732192*Pelobacter propionicus DSM 2379, complete genome79.47 %Subject ←→ Query54.0876