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n1_4mer:GRV/n1_4mer:RV = (Global Relative Variance of OU patterns) / (Local Relative Variance of OU patterns)

n0_4mer:D = Distance between local and global OU patterns

n0_4mer:PS = Distance between 2 strands of same DNA molecule

Selected loci indicated by large D, increased GRV associated with decreased RV and moderate increase in PS

NC_013525: Thermobaculum terrenum ATCC BAA-798 chromosome 1, complete genome

NCBI: NC_013525

Host Lineage: Thermobaculum terrenum; Thermobaculum; ; ; Thermobaculum; Bacteria

General Information: Isolation: Soil in Yellowstone National Park; Country: USA; Temp: Thermophile; Temp: 65 - 92C; Habitat: Soil. Thermobaculum terrenum is a hyperthermophile, able to grow at temperatures of up to 92 degrees C.

Islands with an asterisk (*) contain ribosomal proteins or RNA related elements and may indicate a False Positive Prediction!

#StartEndLengthIsland TextGRV_RVDPSNeighboursClusterSub ClusterBLASTNKey Word ConfirmationOther DB ConfirmationDownload Island
155603658277226737Island text1.8216932.833826.2943Neighbours25BLASTN+IslandViewer 556036.gbk
2766848*78973422887Island text1.9279736.364454.4701BLASTN766848.gbk
31221604126693245329Island text1.8741737.139724.0591Neighbours34BLASTN+1221604.gbk
41871795190023728443Island text1.5251333.751621.1424Neighbours25BLASTN+IslandViewer 1871795.gbk
51953920*197655522636Island text1.7372531.000751.4801Neighbours34BLASTN1953920.gbk