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NC_017375:77142 Helicobacter pylori 83 chromosome, complete genome

Host Lineage: Helicobacter pylori; Helicobacter; Helicobacteraceae; Campylobacterales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: This genus consists of organisms that colonize the mucosal layer of the gastrointestinal tract or are found enterohepatically (in the liver). It was only recently discovered (1983) by two Australians (Warren and Marshall) that this organism was associated with peptic ulcers. It is one of the most common chronic infectious organisms, and is found in half the world's population. This organism attacks the gastric epithilial surface, resulting in chronic gastritis, and can cause more severe diseases including those that lead to gastric carcinomas and lymphomas, peptic ulcers, and severe diarrhea. It is an extracellular pathogen that persists in the gastric environment, which has a very low pH, by production of the urease enzyme, which converts urea to ammonia and carbon dioxide, a process which can counteract the acidic environment by production of a base. The toxins include cytolethal distending toxin, vacuolating cytotoxin (VacA) that induces host epithelial cell apopoptosis (cell death), and the cytotoxin associated antigen (CagA) which results in alteration to the host cell signalling pathways. The CagA protein is translocated into host cells by a type IV secretion system encoded by the cag pathogenicity island.

StartEndLengthCDS descriptionQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
7714277711570hypothetical proteinBLASTP
7772777855129hypothetical proteinBLASTP
7799778383387hypothetical proteinBLASTP
7835879110753hypothetical proteinBLASTP
7912380088966integraserecombinaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
8050481481978hypothetical proteinBLASTP
8167182441771hypothetical proteinBLASTP
82463837191257hypothetical proteinBLASTP
83716849661251hypothetical proteinBLASTP
8496385616654hypothetical proteinBLASTP
8584386001159hypothetical proteinBLASTP
86011880802070hypothetical proteinBLASTP
88080891471068hypothetical proteinBLASTP
8914889312165hypothetical proteinBLASTP
8994690623678PARA proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
9060591042438hypothetical proteinBLASTP
9102091592573hypothetical proteinBLASTP
9171492514801hypothetical proteinBLASTP
9248492969486hypothetical proteinBLASTP
9300993227219topoisomerase IQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
9329493740447transposaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
9379294139348transposaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
9421495074861transposaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
9507195715645hypothetical proteinBLASTP
95728975721845hypothetical proteinBLASTP
9750098015516hypothetical proteinBLASTP
97999992011203conjugal transfer protein TrbIQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
9919899674477competence factor transporter ComBQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
99770100213444hypothetical proteinBLASTP