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NC_015425:2690448 Clostridium botulinum BKT015925 chromosome, complete genome

Host Lineage: Clostridium botulinum; Clostridium; Clostridiaceae; Clostridiales; Firmicutes; Bacteria

General Information: This genus comprises about 150 metabolically diverse species of anaerobes that are ubiquitous in virtually all anoxic habitats where organic compounds are present, including soils, aquatic sediments and the intestinal tracts of animals and humans. This shape is attributed to the presence of endospores that develop under conditions unfavorable for vegetative growth and distend single cells terminally or sub-terminally. Spores germinate under conditions favorable for vegetative growth, such as anaerobiosis and presence of organic substrates. It is believed that present day Mollicutes (Eubacteria) have evolved regressively (i.e., by genome reduction) from gram-positive clostridia-like ancestors with a low GC content in DNA. This organism produces one of the most potent and deadly neurotoxins known, a botulinum toxin that prevents the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction, thereby inhibiting muscle contraction and causing paralysis. In most cases the diseased person dies of asphyxiation as a result of paralysis of chest muscles involved in breathing. The spores are heat-resistant and can survive in inadequately heated, prepared, or processed foods. Spores germinate under favorable conditions (anaerobiosis and substrate-rich environment) and bacteria start propagating very rapidly, producing the toxin. Botulinum toxin, and C. botulinum cells, has been found in a wide variety of foods, including canned ones. Almost any food that has a high pH (above 4.6) can support growth of the bacterium.

This island contains ribosomal proteins or RNA related elements and may indicate a False Positive Prediction!

StartEndLengthCDS descriptionQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
269044826915991152putative amidohydrolaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
26916362692121486hypothetical proteinBLASTP
26924582693408951Mg2 transporter protein CorA family proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
26934772694394918mccF-like proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
269442126957881368sodium-dependent symporter family proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
26959322696672741silent information regulator protein Sir2QuickGO ontologyBLASTP
26967742697664891hypothetical proteinBLASTP
269780326979111095S ribosomal RNAQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27030192703762744peptidil-prolyl cis-trans isomeraseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
2703946270402176tRNA-LysQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
2704333270440876tRNA-PheQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
270442227045301095S ribosomal RNAQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
2704867270494276tRNA-PheQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
270495827050641075S ribosomal RNAQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27101572711029873CAAX amino terminal protease family proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27111942711970777membrane proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27119702712665696ABC transporter ATP-binding proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27126682713036369GntR family transcriptional regulatorQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27131842713597414thioesterase superfamily proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
271365727147991143serine--pyruvate transaminaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27148612715559699Uracil DNA glycosylase superfamily proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27155832716566984aminopeptidase M42 family endoglucanaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27165912716833243hypothetical proteinBLASTP
27168772717851975aminopeptidase M42 family endoglucanaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
271784227188611020peptidase family M20M25M40 proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27190032719938936N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
272003027211721143mechanosensitive channel proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
2721253272132876tRNA-LysQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
272133427214501175S ribosomal RNAQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27265932727531939putative ribosomal-protein S5-alanine N-acetyltransferaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
272754627286491104major facilitator superfamily proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27287082729442735thiF domain-containing proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27295822729809228hypothetical protein
27298332730003171hypothetical proteinBLASTP
27301512730330180hypothetical proteinBLASTP
27303572730866510MutTnudix family proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
27309642731656693sugar fermentation stimulation proteinQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
2732293273237684tRNA-LeuQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
273247227325881175S ribosomal RNAQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
2735767273584276tRNA-AlaQuickGO ontologyBLASTP