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NC_012225:377441 Brachyspira hyodysenteriae WA1, complete genome

Host Lineage: Brachyspira hyodysenteriae; Brachyspira; Brachyspiraceae; Spirochaetales; Spirochaetes; Bacteria

General Information: Brachyspira hyodysenteriae is the causative agent of swine dysentery, which is a severe mucohemorrhagic diarrheal disease of pigs that has economic significance for pork-producing countries. The bacterium can survive for several weeks in cold moist conditions but not under warm dry conditions. It spreads slowly, building up in numbers as the dose rate of the causal agent builds up in the environment. Pigs that recover develop a low immunity and rarely suffer from the disease again. It can be spread by other organisms (flies, mice, birds and dogs) or external mechanical factors; its main habitat is the porcine cecum and colon. It is chemotactically attracted to mucin which it penetrates with a corkscrew-like motility.

This island contains ribosomal proteins or RNA related elements and may indicate a False Positive Prediction!

StartEndLengthCDS descriptionQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
3774413788201380hypothetical proteinBLASTP
379222379722501acetyltransferase GT familyQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
379944380717774flagellar biosynthesis protein FliPQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
380770381039270flagellar biosynthetic protein fliQQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
381131381892762flagellar biosynthetic protein fliRQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
3818893830911203flagellar biosynthesis protein FlhBQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
3831133852242112flagellar biosynthesis protein AQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
385288385461174hypothetical proteinBLASTP
3854963875352040flagellar biosynthesis regulator FlhFQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
387587388450864flagellar synthesis regulator FleNQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
388486389124639hypothetical proteinBLASTP
389172389999828RNA polymerase sigma factor WhiGQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
3900153919911977PolymeraseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
392010392975966hypothetical proteinBLASTP
393001393666666phosphatase HAD familyQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
393655394437783putative D repair protein recOQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
394516394683168hypothetical proteinBLASTP
3950483963011254homoserine dehydrogenaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
39682839692093tRNA-SecQuickGO ontology
3969463982921347selenocysteine synthaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP