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NC_000854:50407 Aeropyrum pernix K1, complete genome

Host Lineage: Aeropyrum pernix; Aeropyrum; Desulfurococcaceae; Desulfurococcales; Crenarchaeota; Archaea

General Information: This organism, which was the first strictly aerobic hyperthermophilic archaeon sequenced, was isolated from a coastal solfataric (volcanic hydrothermal area that gives off sulfuric gases) thermal vent at Kodakara-Jima Island, Japan in 1993. Aeropyrum pernix is an aerobic hyperthermophile. This organism grows between 70 and 100 degrees C , with optimal growth at 90-95 degrees C, pH 5-9 with a optimum of pH 7.0, and a salinity of 3.5%. This organism is highly motile and cells are often surrounded by pili-like appendages. Doubling time is 200 minutes in optimal growth conditions. It does not require sulfur-containing compounds for growth, and thus does not form hydrogen sulfide during growth.

StartEndLengthCDS descriptionQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
50407521971791hypothetical proteinBLASTP
5215953010852hypothetical proteinBLASTP
5327653791516molybdopterin biosynthesis protein MogAQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
5378854009222hypothetical protein
5412954527399S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase proenzymeQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
54512565332022hypothetical proteinBLASTP
56575577591185hypothetical protein
5782358536714NADH dehydrogenaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
5860759266660hypothetical proteinBLASTP
5937959825447hypothetical protein
5991060401492thiol peroxidaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
6040660720315hypothetical protein
6086761838972hypothetical proteinBLASTP
62549639971449probable peptidaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
64012653611350probable peptidaseQuickGO ontologyBLASTP
65371664711101hypothetical proteinBLASTP
66579676161038hypothetical proteinBLASTP
6797668473498hypothetical protein