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CDS with a similar description: preQ0 biosynthesis protein QueC

CDS descriptionCDS accessionIslandHost Description
preQ(0) biosynthesis protein QueCNC_016627:3815690:3832080NC_016627:3815690Clostridium clariflavum DSM 19732 chromosome, complete genome
preQ(0) biosynthesis protein QueCNC_014972:3604534:3628179NC_014972:3604534Desulfobulbus propionicus DSM 2032 chromosome, complete genome
preQ(0) biosynthesis protein QueCNC_014541:3642241:3672947NC_014541:3642241Ferrimonas balearica DSM 9799 chromosome, complete genome
preq(0) biosynthesis protein quecNC_014935:1511835:1526489NC_014935:1511835Nitratifractor saLSUginis DSM 16511 chromosome, complete genome