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CDS with a similar description: acetate kinase ackA

CDS descriptionCDS accessionIslandHost Description
acetate kinase AckANC_018664:1699618:1717142NC_018664:1699618Clostridium acidurici 9a chromosome, complete genome
putative acetate kinase ackANC_008769:507000:524666NC_008769:507000Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. Pasteur 1173P2, complete genome
putative acetate kinase ACKANC_015848:483500:504220NC_015848:483500Mycobacterium canettii CIPT 140010059, complete genome
Putative acetate kinase AckA (acetokinase)NC_019950:481881:500239NC_019950:481881Mycobacterium canettii CIPT 140060008 complete genome
acetate kinase AckANC_010612:835648:856061NC_010612:835648Mycobacterium marinum M, complete genome
acetate kinase ackA (acetokinase)NC_009565:479500:497021NC_009565:479500Mycobacterium tuberculosis F11, complete genome
acetate kinase ackANC_016768:476500:494110NC_016768:476500Mycobacterium tuberculosis KZN 4207 chromosome, complete genome