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CDS with a similar description: LtrC-like protein

CDS descriptionCDS accessionIslandHost Description
LtrC-like proteinNC_015943:72000:88468NC_015943:72000Haloarcula hispanica ATCC 33960 chromosome chromosome II, complete
LtrC-like proteinNC_013966:107526:107526NC_013966:107526Haloferax volcanii DS2 plasmid pHV4, complete sequence
LtrC-like proteinNC_015954:1222776:1230577NC_015954:1222776Halophilic archaeon DL31 chromosome, complete genome
LtrC-like proteinNC_012030:141719:164071NC_012030:141719Halorubrum lacusprofundi ATCC 49239 plasmid pHLAC01, complete
LtrC-like proteinNC_009339:252174:266465NC_009339:252174Mycobacterium gilvum PYR-GCK plasmid pMFLV01, complete sequence