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Query: NC_020388:2662947:2669370 Natronomonas moolapensis 8.8.11 complete genome

Start: 2669370, End: 2669708, Length: 339

Host Lineage: Natronomonas moolapensis; Natronomonas; Halobacteriaceae; Halobacteriales; Euryarchaeota; Archaea

General Information: This is an extremely halophilic archaon and the firstfrom the genus Natronomonas, which isnot alkaliphilic. This organism was first isolated from a crystallizerpond at the Cheetham marine solar saltern at Moolap,Victoria, Australia.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_002754:2326298:234541423454142345728315Sulfolobus solfataricus P2, complete genomeFerredoxin (zfx-1)2e-28124
NC_015435:1713051:172358017235801723909330Metallosphaera cuprina Ar-4 chromosome, complete genome4Fe-4S ferredoxin iron-sulfur binding domain-containing protein3e-28123
NC_015499:1403447:141246114124611412649189Thermodesulfobium narugense DSM 14796 chromosome, complete genome4Fe-4S ferredoxin iron-sulfur binding domain-containing protein4e-0650.1
NC_003551:415803:426513426513427271759Methanopyrus kandleri AV19, complete genomeFerredoxin7e-0649.3