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Query: NC_020244:3358399:3363866 Bacillus subtilis XF-1, complete genome

Start: 3363866, End: 3364210, Length: 345

Host Lineage: Bacillus subtilis; Bacillus; Bacillaceae; Bacillales; Firmicutes; Bacteria

General Information: This organism was one of the first bacteria studied, and was named Vibrio subtilis in 1835 and renamed Bacillus subtilis in 1872. It is one of the most well characterized bacterial organisms, and is a model system for cell differentiation and development. This soil bacterium can divide asymmetrically, producing an endospore that is resistant to environmental factors such as heat, acid, and salt, and which can persist in the environment for long periods of time. The endospore is formed at times of nutritional stress, allowing the organism to persist in the environment until conditions become favorable. Prior to the decision to produce the spore the bacterium might become motile, through the production of flagella, and also take up DNA from the environment through the competence system. The sporulation process is complex and involves the coordinated regulation of hundreds of genes in the genome. This initial step results in the coordinated asymmetric cellular division and endospore formation through multiple stages that produces a single spore from the mother cell.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_006322:1959918:196244019624401962775336Bacillus licheniformis ATCC 14580, complete genomeYvdS2e-23107
NC_015663:1934863:195033119503311950648318Enterobacter aerogenes KCTC 2190 chromosome, complete genomesmall multidrug resistance protein3e-0753.9
NC_020181:3518396:352054735205473520864318Enterobacter aerogenes EA1509E, complete genomeQuaternary ammonium compound-resistance protein sugE3e-0753.9
NC_013850:4993307:499546149954614995778318Klebsiella variicola At-22 chromosome, complete genomesmall multidrug resistance protein1e-0651.6
NC_011283:5170683:517209251720925172409318Klebsiella pneumoniae 342 chromosome, complete genomequaternary ammonium compound-resistance protein SugE1e-0651.6
NC_009648:4958500:497850649785064978823318Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae MGH 78578, complete genomequarternary ammonium compound transport protein1e-0651.6
NC_012731:403670:423636423636423953318Klebsiella pneumoniae NTUH-K2044 chromosome, complete genomequarternary ammonium compound transport protein1e-0651.6
NC_016845:411844:432140432140432457318Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae HS11286 chromosome,quarternary ammonium compound transport protein1e-0651.6
NC_016612:1840325:186020318602031860520318Klebsiella oxytoca KCTC 1686 chromosome, complete genomesmall multidrug resistance protein4e-0650.1
NC_011894:3090000:309579230957923096112321Methylobacterium nodulans ORS 2060, complete genomesmall multidrug resistance protein5e-0649.7
NC_012660:2045398:204737720473772047691315Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25 chromosome, complete genomequaternary ammonium compound-resistance protein1e-0548.9