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Query: NC_015844:1642000:1643992 Zobellia galactanivorans, complete genome

Start: 1643992, End: 1646424, Length: 2433

Host Lineage: Zobellia galactanivorans; Zobellia; Flavobacteriaceae; Flavobacteriales; Bacteroidetes; Bacteria

General Information: Zobellia galactanivorans is a marine bacterium that participates in the carbon cycle as a decomposer of dead algae. This organism produces several potentially commercially important polysaccharidases which are able to degrade agar and carageenan.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_016510:1072709:1110847111084711133062460Flavobacterium columnare ATCC 49512 chromosome, complete genomehypothetical protein2e-83311
NC_018748:495011:5100025100025117891788Emticicia oligotrophica DSM 17448 chromosome, complete genomehypothetical protein1e-53211
NC_013730:5173405:5180541518054151824061866Spirosoma linguale DSM 74, complete genomehypothetical protein9e-49196
NC_016610:609961:6230196230196247191701Tannerella forsythia ATCC 43037 chromosome, complete genomehypothetical protein1e-47191