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Query: NC_015660:3467579 Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius C56-YS93 chromosome, complete

Start: 3467579, End: 3498252, Length: 30674

Host Lineage: Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius; Geobacillus; Bacillaceae; Bacillales; Firmicutes; Bacteria

General Information: Temp: Hyperthermophile; Temp: 55 - 65C. The organism is able to utilizing a wide range of substrates, including pentose (C5) and hexose (C6) in agricultural waste and is tolerant to high ethanol concentrations. These properties make it an attractive candidate for bioethanol production.

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Islands with an asterisk (*) contain ribosomal proteins or RNA related elements and may indicate a False Positive Prediction!

Subject IslandStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionE-valueBit scoreVisual BLASTNVisual BLASTP
NC_015660:48750648750653473247227Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius C56-YS93 chromosome, complete0767BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_004193:375416*375416683449308034Oceanobacillus iheyensis HTE831, complete genome6e-1177.8BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_012793:17180001718000174834430345Geobacillus sp. WCH70, complete genome2e-0765.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_020210:78863978863981669028052Geobacillus sp. GHH01, complete genome9e-0763.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_006274:34905983490598351459924002Bacillus cereus E33L, complete genome9e-0763.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_008600:34880003488000351431926320Bacillus thuringiensis str. Al Hakam, complete genome4e-0661.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_012472:35030003503000352566422665Bacillus cereus 03BB102, complete genome4e-0661.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_014335:34080813408081343272724647Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI chromosome, complete4e-0661.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_014915:33278433278435979527012Geobacillus sp. Y412MC52 chromosome, complete genome4e-0661.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_005957:34880213488021351016622146Bacillus thuringiensis serovar konkukian str. 97-27, complete4e-0661.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg