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Query: NC_015562:1413264 Methanotorris igneus Kol 5 chromosome, complete genome

Start: 1413264, End: 1434294, Length: 21031

Host Lineage: Methanotorris igneus; Methanotorris; Methanocaldococcaceae; Methanococcales; Euryarchaeota; Archaea

General Information: Country: Iceland; Environment: Marine, Submarine; Isolation: Shallow submarine vent system; Temp: Hyperthermophile; Temp: 85C. Methanotorris igneus is an acidophilic methanogen first isolated from a shallow hydrothermal vent.

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Islands with an asterisk (*) contain ribosomal proteins or RNA related elements and may indicate a False Positive Prediction!

Subject IslandStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionE-valueBit scoreVisual BLASTNVisual BLASTP
NC_014122:549932*54993260064550714Methanocaldococcus infernus ME chromosome, complete genome1e-54222BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_014222:14376721437672146070623035Methanococcus voltae A3 chromosome, complete genome4e-1177.8BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_015562:1299648*1299648132285923212Methanotorris igneus Kol 5 chromosome, complete genome2e-0765.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_015562:899030*89903093859939570Methanotorris igneus Kol 5 chromosome, complete genome2e-0661.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg