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Query: NC_015500:78223 Treponema brennaborense DSM 12168 chromosome, complete genome

Start: 78223, End: 105600, Length: 27378

Host Lineage: Treponema brennaborense; Treponema; Spirochaetaceae; Spirochaetales; Spirochaetes; Bacteria

General Information: Environment: Host; Isolation: Ulcerative lesion of a bovine foot infected; Temp. Mesophile. This organism is the causative agent for digital dermatitis in bovines. This disease produces painful lesions on the foot and can cause weight loss and decreased milk production.

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Islands with an asterisk (*) contain ribosomal proteins or RNA related elements and may indicate a False Positive Prediction!

Subject IslandStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionE-valueBit scoreVisual BLASTNVisual BLASTP
NC_015500:13371801337180136086023681Treponema brennaborense DSM 12168 chromosome, complete genome02863BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_015500:159199*15919918265123453Treponema brennaborense DSM 12168 chromosome, complete genome02853BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_015500:2417041*2417041244053623496Treponema brennaborense DSM 12168 chromosome, complete genome1e-0869.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_014387:13624401362440138810225663Butyrivibrio proteoclasticus B316 chromosome 1, complete genome3e-0661.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_009012:19014921901492192306421573Clostridium thermocellum ATCC 27405, complete genome3e-0661.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg