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Query: NC_014623:9976000:9979196 Stigmatella aurantiaca DW4/3-1 chromosome, complete genome

Start: 9979196, End: 9980530, Length: 1335

Host Lineage: Stigmatella aurantiaca; Stigmatella; Cystobacteraceae; Myxococcales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Social gliding soil bacterium. Stigmatella aurantica, commonly isolated from rotting wood and bark, is a member of a group of organisms called myxobacteria. These organisms have a complex development and differentiation life cycle. When cell density increases, the organism switches to "social motility" where aggregates of cells can gather together into masses termed fruiting bodies that may consist of up to 100,000 cells. Stigmatella aurantica produces a number of compounds, such as aurafuron A and stigmatellin, which may be important as anti-cancer agents.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_014032:374426:3908973908973922821386Salinibacter ruber M8 chromosome, complete genomehypothetical protein7e-45181
NC_013061:2288134:2291445229144522928301386Pedobacter heparinus DSM 2366, complete genomeRagB/SusD domain protein6e-1479.3
NC_016609:1774259:1800708180070818020811374Niastella koreensis GR20-10 chromosome, complete genometetratricopeptide domain-containing protein1e-1068.6
NC_013061:3390399:3405840340584034072791440Pedobacter heparinus DSM 2366, complete genomeRagB/SusD domain protein4e-0859.7
NC_014032:2767966:2781700278170027832831584Salinibacter ruber M8 chromosome, complete genomeouter membrane protein5e-0755.8
NC_007677:2687000:2703590270359027051731584Salinibacter ruber DSM 13855, complete genomeputative outer membrane protein probably involved in nutrient binding5e-0755.8
NC_016609:5890292:5904631590463159060971467Niastella koreensis GR20-10 chromosome, complete genomeRagB/SusD domain-containing protein9e-0755.1