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Query: NC_013854:237857:245504 Azospirillum sp. B510, complete genome

Start: 245504, End: 246064, Length: 561

Host Lineage: Azospirillum; Azospirillum; Rhodospirillaceae; Rhodospirillales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Azospirillum are commonly isolated from the rhizosphere and root surfaces from a wide variety of plants. Azospirillum species are considered to be plant growth promoting organisms, producing plant hormones for cell elongation (auxins), cell division and growth (cytokinins) and stem elongation (gibberellins). These compounds contribute to an enhanced uptake of nutrients and water and thus increased plant growth. Azospirillum sp. B510 was isolated from rice in Japan.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_010172:5447189:5463619546361954651451527Methylobacterium extorquens PA1, complete genomeADP-ribosylation/Crystallin J13e-1891.3
NC_012988:1777618:1792042179204217936161575Methylobacterium extorquens DM4, complete genomeADP-ribosyl glycohydrolase1e-1789.4
NC_013851:2610847:2616790261679026183941605Allochromatium vinosum DSM 180 chromosome, complete genomeADP-ribosylation/Crystallin J13e-1685.1
NC_007794:262402:2724772724772739491473Novosphingobium aromaticivorans DSM 12444, complete genomeADP-ribosyl-(dinitrogen reductase) hydrolase2e-1582.4
NC_020541:1786500:180085118008511801399549Rhodanobacter sp. 2APBS1, complete genomeputative protein-tyrosine phosphatase2e-1582
NC_012691:779826:783012783012783572561Tolumonas auensis DSM 9187, complete genomedual specificity protein phosphatase2e-1375.9
NC_011145:4430501:446923044692304469823594Anaeromyxobacter sp. K, complete genomedual specificity protein phosphatase3e-0858.2