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Query: NC_013747:97500 Haloterrigena turkmenica DSM 5511 plasmid pHTUR04, complete

Start: 97500, End: 115849, Length: 18350

Host Lineage: Haloterrigena turkmenica; Haloterrigena; Halobacteriaceae; Halobacteriales; Euryarchaeota; Archaea

General Information: Temp: Mesophile. Haloterrigena turkmenica, formerly Halococcus turkmenicus, is a halophilic archaeon isolated from soil.

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Islands with an asterisk (*) contain ribosomal proteins or RNA related elements and may indicate a False Positive Prediction!

Subject IslandStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionE-valueBit scoreVisual BLASTNVisual BLASTP
NC_013922:1628862*1628862166059931738Natrialba magadii ATCC 43099 chromosome, complete genome7e-28133BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_015666:1849618*1849618187832428707Halopiger xanaduensis SH-6 chromosome, complete genome6e-1383.8BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_014299:82584*8258413650153918Halalkalicoccus jeotgali B3 plasmid 2, complete sequence9e-1279.8BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_010364:332233227888275561Halobacterium salinarum R1, complete genome3e-0867.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_002607:332233227474271421Halobacterium sp. NRC-1, complete genome3e-0867.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_019962:175049717504971870599120103Natrinema pellirubrum DSM 15624, complete genome5e-0763.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg
NC_007516:731193*73119375875727565Synechococcus sp. CC9605, complete genome5e-0763.9BLASTN svgBLASTP svg