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Query: NC_013093:7554688:7558574 Actinosynnema mirum DSM 43827, complete genome

Start: 7558574, End: 7560247, Length: 1674

Host Lineage: Actinosynnema mirum; Actinosynnema; Pseudonocardiaceae; Actinomycetales; Actinobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Isolation: Blade of grass from Raritan River NJ; Country: USA; Temp: Mesophile; Temp: 10-30C; Habitat: Soil. This bacterium produces the antibiotic nocardicin A. Soil dwelling, nonmotile aerobe it has fine hyphae which form aerial and substrate mycelia. Motile spores are borne on synnemata, compact groups of erect hyphae. It produces nocardicin antibiotics and is able to inhibit growth of several Gram-positive bacteria as well as some filamentous fungi and yeasts.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_013093:2895511:2914411291441129182863876Actinosynnema mirum DSM 43827, complete genomehypothetical protein2e-1584.3
NC_013093:626473:6264736264736310024530Actinosynnema mirum DSM 43827, complete genomeYD repeat protein4e-1273.6
NC_013159:3554389:356438535643853565086702Saccharomonospora viridis DSM 43017, complete genomehypothetical protein4e-1170.1
NC_014391:3445672:3464891346489134660871197Micromonospora aurantiaca ATCC 27029 chromosome, complete genomehypothetical protein8e-1168.9
NC_019673:1420198:1420198142019814219221725Saccharothrix espanaensis DSM 44229 complete genomehypothetical protein4e-1067
NC_019673:1456999:1466696146669614679731278Saccharothrix espanaensis DSM 44229 complete genomehypothetical protein5e-0963.2
NC_016887:5988878:6002889600288960076134725Nocardia cyriacigeorgica GUH-2, complete genomeputative Rhs protein5e-0860.1