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Query: NC_012808:2886282:2899370 Methylobacterium extorquens AM1, complete genome

Start: 2899370, End: 2899729, Length: 360

Host Lineage: Methylobacterium extorquens; Methylobacterium; Methylobacteriaceae; Rhizobiales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: First isolated in 1960 in Oxford, England, as an airborne contaminant growing on methylamine. This strain can grow on methylamine or methanol, but not methane. This organism is capable of growth on one-carbon compounds such as methanol. Methanol is oxidized to formaldehyde which is then used metabolically to generate either energy or biomass. These bacteria are commonly found in the environment, especially associated with plants which produce methanol when metabolizing pectin during cell wall synthesis. At least 25 genes are required for this complex process of converting methanol to formaldehyde and this specialized metabolic pathway is of great interest.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_009464:2372607:237731323773132377672360Uncultured methanogenic archaeon RC-I, complete genomepredicted plastocyanin-like protein2e-1477.8
NC_009464:2372607:237683123768312377250420Uncultured methanogenic archaeon RC-I, complete genomepredicted plastocyanin-like protein5e-1166.6
NC_013665:1766158:178733917873391787647309Methanocella paludicola SANAE, complete genomecopper binding protein9e-1062.4
NC_000911:2511514:252582725258272526207381Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, complete genomeplastocyanin precursor1e-0858.2
NC_003911:253400:274955274955275284330Silicibacter pomeroyi DSS-3, complete genomecopper-binding protein, plastocyanin/azurin family2e-0754.7
NC_010085:702901:7187617187617203801620Nitrosopumilus maritimus SCM1, complete genomeblue (type 1) copper domain protein5e-0753.1
NC_014958:514225:5167025167025181471446Deinococcus maricopensis DSM 21211 chromosome, complete genomemulticopper oxidase type 32e-0651.2