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Query: NC_012622:1646000:1651496 Sulfolobus islandicus Y.G.57.14 chromosome, complete genome

Start: 1651496, End: 1651569, Length: 74

Host Lineage: Sulfolobus islandicus; Sulfolobus; Sulfolobaceae; Sulfolobales; Crenarchaeota; Archaea

General Information: This strain, also called Yellowstone #1, is an acidophile and thermophile isolated from a hot spring in Yellowstone National Park. Hyperthermophilic acidophilic sulfur-metabolizing archeon. Sulfolobus islandicus is a thermo-acidophilic archeae commonly identified in hot, acidic sulfur springs. This organism can grow both chemoautotrophically, using sulfur or hydrogen sulfide, and heterotrophically. S. islandicus can play host to a number of plasmids and viruses which may be useful in developing tools for genetic analysis. In addition, Sulfolobus islandicus isolates from different areas in Russia, Iceland, and the United States have been shown to be genetically distinct from each other making this organism useful for comparative analysis.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_012632:1710223:17193871719387171946074Sulfolobus islandicus M.16.27 chromosome, complete genometRNA-Ala5e-0649.7
NC_012589:1684948:16973631697363169743674Sulfolobus islandicus L.S.2.15, complete genometRNA-Ala5e-0649.7
NC_012726:1611936:16196181619618161969174Sulfolobus islandicus M.16.4 chromosome, complete genometRNA-Ala5e-0649.7
NC_002754:319315:33344733344733352074Sulfolobus solfataricus P2, complete genometRNA-Ala5e-0649.7
NC_017275:1635959:16437021643702164377574Sulfolobus islandicus HVE10/4 chromosome, complete genometRNA-Ala5e-0649.7
NC_012588:1585808:15934881593488159356174Sulfolobus islandicus M.14.25 chromosome, complete genometRNA-Ala5e-0649.7
NC_017276:1491473:14992171499217149929074Sulfolobus islandicus REY15A chromosome, complete genometRNA-Ala5e-0649.7
NC_012623:960327:97505197505197512474Sulfolobus islandicus Y.N.15.51 chromosome, complete genometRNA-Ala5e-0649.7