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Query: NC_012579:1:1352 Bacillus anthracis str. CDC 684 plasmid pX01, complete sequence

Start: 1352, End: 1990, Length: 639

Host Lineage: Bacillus anthracis; Bacillus; Bacillaceae; Bacillales; Firmicutes; Bacteria

General Information: This organism was the first to be shown to cause disease by Dr. Robert Koch, leading to the formulation of Koch's postulates, which were verified by Dr. Louis Pasteur (the organism, isolated from sick animals, was grown in the laboratory and then used to infect healthy animals and make them sick). This organism was also the first for which an attenuated strain was developed as a vaccine. Herbivorous animals become infected with the organism when they ingest spores from the soil whereas humans become infected when they come into contact with a contaminated animal. Anthrax is not transmitted due to person-to-person contact. The three forms of the disease reflect the sites of infection which include cutaneous (skin), pulmonary (lung), and intestinal. Pulmonary and intestinal infections are often fatal if left untreated. Spores are taken up by macrophages and become internalized into phagolysozomes (membranous compartment) whereupon germination initiates. Bacteria are released into the bloodstream once the infected macrophage lyses whereupon they rapidly multiply, spreading throughout the circulatory and lymphatic systems, a process that results in septic shock, respiratory distress and organ failure. The spores of this pathogen have been used as a terror weapon.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_012656:1:139113912029639Bacillus anthracis str. A0248 plasmid pXO1, complete sequencehypothetical protein1e-122438
NC_007322:1:112711271765639Bacillus anthracis str. 'Ames Ancestor' plasmid pXO1, completehypothetical protein1e-122438
NC_014331:1:117611761814639Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis str. CI plasmid pCI-XO1, completetransporter1e-122438
NC_011146:2304475:231717723171772317869693Geobacter bemidjiensis Bem, complete genomeNERD domain protein6e-26117
NC_012108:4454705:446735944673594468132774Desulfobacterium autotrophicum HRM2, complete genomehypothetical protein1e-24113
NC_015500:159199:170766170766171509744Treponema brennaborense DSM 12168 chromosome, complete genomeNERD domain protein7e-25113
NC_019902:3397170:340366034036603404445786Thioalkalivibrio nitratireducens DSM 14787, complete genomeNERD domain protein3e-24111
NC_008700:367949:378604378604379386783Shewanella amazonensis SB2B, complete genomeDNA topoisomerase I4e-24111
NC_016593:1466226:149371714937171494505789Geobacillus thermoleovorans CCB_US3_UF5 chromosome, completeNERD domain-containing protein6e-24110
NC_008340:1303607:132155713215571322156600Alkalilimnicola ehrlichei MLHE-1, complete genomeNERD domain protein6e-24110
NC_008702:369965:383349383349384059711Azoarcus sp. BH72, complete genomeconserved hypothetical membrane protein.2e-23109
NC_013171:1194500:120040612004061201173768Anaerococcus prevotii DSM 20548, complete genomeNERD domain protein4e-23108
NC_009439:4404942:441342944134294414199771Pseudomonas mendocina ymp, complete genomeNERD domain-containing protein1e-22106
NC_015556:4025559:403226240322624033032771Pseudomonas fulva 12-X chromosome, complete genomeNERD domain protein1e-22106
NC_013173:815696:8284458284458295121068Desulfomicrobium baculatum DSM 4028, complete genomeNERD domain protein2e-22105
NC_009434:695582:713019713019713789771Pseudomonas stutzeri A1501, complete genomehypothetical protein6e-22103
NC_014393:937000:965101965101965838738Clostridium cellulovorans 743B chromosome, complete genomeNERD domain-containing protein3e-2098.6
NC_013406:1217385:125385312538531254560708Paenibacillus sp. Y412MC10 chromosome, complete genomeNERD domain-containing protein3e-1581.6
NC_015942:2943127:295941929594192960081663Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans SS3 chromosome, complete genomeNERD domain-containing protein1e-1376.6
NC_011761:999791:100030510003051000982678Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans ATCC 23270 chromosome, completehypothetical protein4e-1064.7
NC_010718:464405:465218465218466003786Natranaerobius thermophilus JW/NM-WN-LF, complete genomeNERD domain protein3e-0755.1