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Query: NC_012207:831030:834359 Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. Tokyo 172, complete genome

Start: 834359, End: 834673, Length: 315

Host Lineage: Mycobacterium bovis; Mycobacterium; Mycobacteriaceae; Actinomycetales; Actinobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Used for the production of BCG vaccine in Japan. Causative agent of classic bovine tuberculosis. This bacterium is the causative agent of classic bovine tuberculosis, but it can also cause the disease in humans, especially if contaminated milk is consumed without prior pasteurization. The Mycobacterium bovis complex is a diverse group of species, serovars and morphotypes that cause tuberculosis-like diseases in animals and humans. Pasteurization of milk is a major preventitive factor in transmission of bovine tuberculosis to humans. However, spreading the disease through milk and dairy products is still a concern in underdeveloped countries where pasteurization is not practiced. The pathology in cows is similar to the pathology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in humans, with pulmonary TB leading to chronic debilitation, coughing, and further systemic spread to other organs. In addition, 1 to 2% of infected cows develop mycobacterial mastitis that results in shedding of the bacteria into the milk.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_017026:829444:833031833031833345315Mycobacterium tuberculosis RGTB327 chromosome, complete genometransposase2e-42170
NC_009565:833076:836403836403836717315Mycobacterium tuberculosis F11, complete genometransposase2e-42170
NC_002945:831029:834358834358834672315Mycobacterium bovis AF2122/97, complete genometransposase2e-42170
NC_009525:830513:833840833840834154315Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra, complete genomeputative transposase2e-42170
NC_002755:831397:834723834723835037315Mycobacterium tuberculosis CDC1551, complete genomeIS1557 transposase2e-42170
NC_008769:860670:863999863999864313315Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. Pasteur 1173P2, complete genomeputative transposase2e-42170
NC_012943:830000:833534833534833848315Mycobacterium tuberculosis KZN 1435 chromosome, complete genometransposase2e-42170
NC_016768:830000:833538833538833852315Mycobacterium tuberculosis KZN 4207 chromosome, complete genometransposase2e-42170
NC_016804:831500:834278834278834592315Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. Mexico chromosome, complete genometransposase2e-42170
NC_015848:3851230:3869863386986338711971335Mycobacterium canettii CIPT 140010059, complete genometransposase for insertion sequence element is15571e-35147
NC_013131:9903320:9915279991527999165561278Catenulispora acidiphila DSM 44928, complete genometransposase IS204/IS1001/IS1096/IS1165 family protein1e-23108
NC_012803:1552122:1573850157385015749021053Micrococcus luteus NCTC 2665, complete genometransposase4e-22103
NC_012803:1094679:1102692110269211039541263Micrococcus luteus NCTC 2665, complete genometransposase5e-22102
NC_012803:1552122:1563481156348115647431263Micrococcus luteus NCTC 2665, complete genometransposase5e-22102
NC_014830:850542:8623978623978636591263Intrasporangium calvum DSM 43043 chromosome, complete genometransposase IS204/IS1001/IS1096/IS1165 family protein3e-21100
NC_014830:3870000:3883909388390938851711263Intrasporangium calvum DSM 43043 chromosome, complete genometransposase IS204/IS1001/IS1096/IS1165 family protein3e-21100
NC_014814:5422972:5426434542643454276571224Mycobacterium sp. Spyr1 chromosome, complete genometransposase family protein2e-0650.8