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Query: NC_011071:1773847:1790810 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia R551-3, complete genome

Start: 1790810, End: 1792066, Length: 1257

Host Lineage: Stenotrophomonas maltophilia; Stenotrophomonas; Xanthomonadaceae; Xanthomonadales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Stenotrophomonas maltophilia R551-3 was isolated from the poplar Populus trichocarpa x deltoides cv. "Hoogvorst" and is the second most common endophytic bacteria in poplar. Endophytic bacteria have been shown to increase plant growth or health but providing growth factors or nutrients and in aiding the degradation of toxic compounds. This species is an uncommon but serious source of infection in patients with breathing tubes such as endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes, or with chronically indwelling urinary catheters. Although the organism can colonize the devices without causing an infection, under certain conditions it can cause pneumonia, urinary tract infections, or an infection of the blood. This organism can also cause infection in immunocompromised patients. It has resistance to many commonly used antibiotics and therefore is often difficult to eradicate. Most strains are resistant to co-trimoxazole.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_020418:3102460:3106126310612631072801155Morganella morganii subsp. morganii KT, complete genomehypothetical protein3e-60233
NC_012483:30784:3546835468367031236Acidobacterium capsulatum ATCC 51196, complete genomeGDSL-like lipase/acylhydrolase family protein7e-56218
NC_016113:887582:8929518929518942131263Streptomyces cattleya NRRL 8057 plasmid pSCAT, complete sequencehypothetical protein1e-49197
NC_010571:3903500:3916826391682639180731248Opitutus terrae PB90-1, complete genomelipolytic protein G-D-S-L family7e-48191
NC_016582:8031000:8043979804397980452861308Streptomyces bingchenggensis BCW-1 chromosome, complete genomesecreted protein3e-45182
NC_013929:66500:7330273302749421641Streptomyces scabiei 87.22 chromosome, complete genomehypothetical protein9e-44177
NC_003888:3138905:3145726314572631470901365Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2), complete genomesecreted protein2e-38160
NC_016114:4614924:4629980462998046312421263Streptomyces flavogriseus ATCC 33331 chromosome, complete genomeG-D-S-L family lipolytic protein5e-34145
NC_015953:2640500:2644763264476326460131251Streptomyces sp. SirexAA-E chromosome, complete genomeG-D-S-L family lipolytic protein7e-34145
NC_010572:5445081:5460330546033054616161287Streptomyces griseus subsp. griseus NBRC 13350, complete genomeputative secreted protein5e-33142
NC_013131:3222500:3237123323712332383131191Catenulispora acidiphila DSM 44928, complete genomelipolytic protein G-D-S-L family1e-29131
NC_013410:1591500:1620445162044516216021158Fibrobacter succinogenes subsp. succinogenes S85 chromosome,G-D-S-L family lipolytic protein2e-24113
NC_019673:2185005:2194875219487522003045430Saccharothrix espanaensis DSM 44229 complete genomehypothetical protein2e-0963.9