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Query: NC_010943:1884695:1885495 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia K279a, complete genome

Start: 1885495, End: 1886391, Length: 897

Host Lineage: Stenotrophomonas maltophilia; Stenotrophomonas; Xanthomonadaceae; Xanthomonadales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Stenotrophomonas maltophilia K279a was isolated from blood infection. This species is an uncommon but serious source of infection in patients with breathing tubes such as endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes, or with chronically indwelling urinary catheters. Although the organism can colonize the devices without causing an infection, under certain conditions it can cause pneumonia, urinary tract infections, or an infection of the blood. This organism can also cause infection in immunocompromised patients. It has resistance to many commonly used antibiotics and therefore is often difficult to eradicate. Most strains are resistant to co-trimoxazole.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_004193:375416:4843544843544855621209Oceanobacillus iheyensis HTE831, complete genomehypothetical protein7e-46184
NC_019897:73957:112394112394113170777Thermobacillus composti KWC4 chromosome, complete genomemetal-dependent hydrolase2e-31136
NC_010407:2406113:241155124115512412372822Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus chromosome, completehypothetical protein7e-27121
NC_014933:220146:223700223700224587888Bacteroides helcogenes P 36-108 chromosome, complete genomeEndonuclease/exonuclease/phosphatase8e-24110
NC_014655:379937:385421385421386302882Leadbetterella byssophila DSM 17132 chromosome, complete genomeendonuclease/exonuclease/phosphatase6e-1684.7
NC_013173:1305916:1305916130591613084292514Desulfomicrobium baculatum DSM 4028, complete genomeEndonuclease/exonuclease/phosphatase2e-0860.1