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Query: NC_010814:155834:166202 Geobacter lovleyi SZ, complete genome

Start: 166202, End: 166468, Length: 267

Host Lineage: Geobacter lovleyi; Geobacter; Geobacteraceae; Desulfuromonadales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Su-Zi Creek sediment was collected near a suburban residential area with no reported contamination in June 2002 near Seoul, South Korea. This species was isolated from creek sediment based on its ability to derive energy from acetate oxidation coupled to tetrachloroethene (PCE)-to-cis-1,2-dichloroethene (cis-DCE) dechlorination.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_020063:3104000:312248931224893122755267Enterobacteriaceae bacterium strain FGI 57, complete genometranscriptional regulator, TraR/DksA family3e-27120
NC_013889:1439326:145214114521411452407267Thioalkalivibrio sp. K90mix chromosome, complete genometranscriptional regulator, TraR/DksA family2e-26117
NC_012880:3125261:313193331319333132199267Dickeya dadantii Ech703, complete genometranscriptional regulator, TraR/DksA family1e-25115
NC_017506:1507943:151167515116751511974300Marinobacter adhaerens HP15 chromosome, complete genomezinc finger, C4 DksA/TraR-type3e-25113
NC_014841:248487:273296273296273562267Pantoea sp. At-9b plasmid pPAT9B04, complete sequencetranscriptional regulator, TraR/DksA family4e-25113
NC_008358:2638245:264632626463262646589264Hyphomonas neptunium ATCC 15444, complete genomeC4-type zinc finger protein, DksA/TraR family1e-1375.5