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Query: NC_010644:517211:525795 Elusimicrobium minutum Pei191, complete genome

Start: 525795, End: 534020, Length: 8226

Host Lineage: Elusimicrobium minutum; Elusimicrobium; Elusimicrobiaceae; Elusimicrobiales; Elusimicrobia; Bacteria

General Information: Elusimicrobium minutum (strain Pei191) is a mesophilic, obligately anaerobic free-living ultramicrobacterium with a Gram-negative cell envelope isolated from the intestinal cluster from the hindgut of a humivorous scarab beetle larva. This species is an endosymbiont of flagellated protists which occur almost exclusively in the hindgut of termites and wood-feeding cockroaches.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_010644:691374:6993796993797069717593Elusimicrobium minutum Pei191, complete genomehypothetical protein01771
NC_010644:718748:72776572776573966211898Elusimicrobium minutum Pei191, complete genomehypothetical protein01714