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Query: NC_009749:510266:522043 Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica FTA, complete genome

Start: 522043, End: 522546, Length: 504

Host Lineage: Francisella tularensis; Francisella; Francisellaceae; Thiotrichales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Isolated from an immunocompetent 56-year old male with bacteremic pneumonia in France. Francisella tularensis is a non-motile, aerobic, rod-shaped Gram-negative bacterium and is the causative agent of tularemia. This organism was first identified by Edward Francis as the causative agent of a plague-like illness that affected squirrels in Tulare county in California in the early part of the 20th century. The organism now bears his name. The disease, which has been noted throughout recorded history, can be transmitted to humans by infected ticks or deerflies, infected meat, or by aerosol, and thus is a potential bioterrorism agent. This organism has a high infectivity rate, and can invade phagocytic and nonphagocytic cells, multiplying rapidly. Once within a macrophage, the organism can escape the phagosome and live in the cytosol. It is an aquatic organism, and can be found living inside protozoans, similar to what is observed with Legionella.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_008369:514995:523905523905524408504Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica OSU18, complete genomepossible outer membrane protein1e-83308
NC_007880:508407:520183520183520686504Francisella tularensis subsp. holarctica, complete genomeouter membrane protein OmpH1e-83308
NC_009257:338994:350776350776351279504Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis WY96-3418 chromosome,outer membrane protein OmpH5e-83306
NC_008601:1560482:156768315676831568186504Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida U112, complete genomeouter membrane protein OmpH2e-82304
NC_006570:1625909:163311416331141633617504Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis Schu 4, complete genomeouter membrane protein OmpH1e-82304
NC_008245:1625715:163292016329201633423504Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis FSC 198, complete genomeouter membrane protein OmpH1e-82304
NC_016933:1702500:170886417088641709367504Francisella tularensis TIGB03 chromosome, complete genomeouter membrane protein OmpH1e-82304
NC_016937:1625752:163295716329571633460504Francisella tularensis subsp. tularensis TI0902 chromosome,outer membrane protein OmpH1e-82304
NC_010677:353839:365473365473365976504Francisella tularensis subsp. mediasiatica FSC147, complete genomeouter membrane protein OmpH1e-82304
NC_015696:798000:819234819234819734501Francisella sp. TX077308 chromosome, complete genomeouter membrane chaperone Skp / outer membrane protein H5e-68256
NC_010336:1282265:130773513077351308235501Francisella philomiragia subsp. philomiragia ATCC 25017, completeouter membrane protein OmpH6e-68256
NC_018419:1397914:140772714077271408224498Secondary endosymbiont of Ctenarytaina eucalypti chromosome,outer membrane protein8e-1166.2
NC_016632:398018:415866415866416363498Serratia symbiotica str. 'Cinara cedri' chromosome, completeperiplasmic chaperone2e-0858.5