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Query: NC_009525:3794000:3795437 Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra, complete genome

Start: 3795437, End: 3796612, Length: 1176

Host Lineage: Mycobacterium tuberculosis; Mycobacterium; Mycobacteriaceae; Actinomycetales; Actinobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: This strain (H37Ra; ATCC 25177) is an avirulent strain derived from its virulent parent strain H37 (isolated from a 19 year-old male patient with chronic pulmonary tuberculosis by Edward R. Baldwin in 1905). Causative agent of tuberculosis. This genus comprises a number of Gram-positive, acid-fast, rod-shaped aerobic bacteria and is the only member of the family Mycobacteriaceae within the order Actinomycetales. Like other closely related Actinomycetales, such as Nocardia and Corynebacterium, mycobacteria have unusually high genomic DNA GC content and are capable of producing mycolic acids as major components of their cell wall. This bacterium is the causative agent of tuberculosis - a chronic infectious disease with a growing incidence worldwide. It infects 1.7 billion people a year (~33% of the entire world population) and causes over 3 million deaths/year. This bacterium does not form a polysaccharide capsule, and is an extremely slow growing obligate aerobe. This bacterium does not form a polysaccharide capsule, and is an extremely slow growing obligate aerobe. This bacterium does not form a polysaccharide capsule, and is an extremely slow growing obligate aerobe. The sluggish growth rate is a result of the tough cell wall that resists the passage of nutrients into the cell and inhibits waste products to be excreted out of the cell. The specialized cell envelope of this organism resembles a modified Gram positive cell wall. It also contains complex fatty acids, such as mycolic acids, that cause the waxy appearance and impermeability of the envelope. These acids are found bound to the cell envelope, but also form cord factors when linked with a carbohydrate component to form a cord-like structure. Primary infection occurs by inhalation of the organism in droplets that are aerosolized by an infected person. The organism initially replicates in cells of the terminal airways, after which it is taken up by, and replicates in, alveolar macrophages. Macrophages distribute the organism to other areas of the lungs and the regional lymph nodes. Once a cell-mediated hypersensitivity immune response develops, replication of the organism decreases and the bacteria become restricted to developing granulomas.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_017026:3754000:3755565375556537567401176Mycobacterium tuberculosis RGTB327 chromosome, complete genomeTrehalose-phosphate phosphatase0732
NC_002755:3773734:3778547377854737797221176Mycobacterium tuberculosis CDC1551, complete genometrehalose-phosphatase, putative0732
NC_002945:3735141:3739954373995437411291176Mycobacterium bovis AF2122/97, complete genometrehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase0732
NC_012207:3766978:3771791377179137729661176Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. Tokyo 172, complete genomeputative trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase0732
NC_000962:3781501:3786314378631437874891176Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv, complete genomePOSSIBLE TREHALOSE 6-PHOSPHATE PHOSPHATASE OTSB2 (TREHALOSE-PHOSPHATASE) (TPP)0732
NC_009565:3793976:3798789379878937999641176Mycobacterium tuberculosis F11, complete genometrehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase otsB20732
NC_008769:3769065:3773878377387837750531176Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. Pasteur 1173P2, complete genomeputative trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase otsB20732
NC_012943:3777371:3782184378218437833591176Mycobacterium tuberculosis KZN 1435 chromosome, complete genometrehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase otsB20732
NC_016768:3774105:3778918377891837800931176Mycobacterium tuberculosis KZN 4207 chromosome, complete genometrehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase otsB20732
NC_016804:3753243:3753243375324337544181176Mycobacterium bovis BCG str. Mexico chromosome, complete genomeputative trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase0732
NC_019950:3818000:3819433381943338206081176Mycobacterium canettii CIPT 140060008 complete genomeTrehalose-phosphate phosphatase0727
NC_015848:3851230:3856042385604238572171176Mycobacterium canettii CIPT 140010059, complete genomeputative trehalose 6-phosphate phosphatase OTSB20727
NC_002677:491043:5119845119845132731290Mycobacterium leprae TN, complete genomeputative trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase9e-143506
NC_014011:1264165:1266573126657312681681596Aminobacterium colombiense DSM 12261 chromosome, complete genomebeta-phosphoglucomutase family hydrolase5e-53208
NC_009142:4046376:405291240529124053649738Saccharopolyspora erythraea NRRL 2338, complete genomeputative trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase8e-39161
NC_013747:97500:113211113211114095885Haloterrigena turkmenica DSM 5511 plasmid pHTUR04, completetrehalose-phosphatase2e-29130
NC_005966:1780468:178189717818971782760864Acinetobacter sp. ADP1, complete genometrehalose-6-phosphate phophatase, biosynthetic2e-1997.1
NC_009445:7220929:723751772375177238344828Bradyrhizobium sp. ORS 278 chromosome, complete genometrehalose-phosphatase1e-1687.4
NC_015138:4666544:466581046658104666547738Acidovorax avenae subsp. avenae ATCC 19860 chromosome, completetrehalose-phosphatase2e-1687
NC_008752:4665699:466496546649654665702738Acidovorax avenae subsp. citrulli AAC00-1, complete genomeHAD-superfamily hydrolase, subfamily IIB4e-1686.3
NC_015740:3486226:350753235075323508308777Pseudomonas stutzeri ATCC 17588 = LMG 11199 chromosome, completetrehalose-6-phosphate phophatase, biosynthetic3e-1583.2
NC_009485:584707:584707584707585540834Bradyrhizobium sp. BTAi1 chromosome, complete genometrehalose-phosphatase6e-1582
NC_007778:1053462:105723110572311058037807Rhodopseudomonas palustris HaA2, complete genometrehalose-6-phosphatase1e-1481.3
NC_005296:5238882:525426752542675255064798Rhodopseudomonas palustris CGA009, complete genomeputative trehalose-6-phosphate phophatase, biosynthetic3e-1480.1
NC_017094:828836:888239888239889024786Leptospirillum ferrooxidans C2-3, complete genometrehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase7e-1478.6
NC_011004:5520771:553615655361565536953798Rhodopseudomonas palustris TIE-1, complete genomeHAD-superfamily hydrolase, subfamily IIB2e-1377
NC_013722:751473:754700754700755452753Xanthomonas albilineans, complete genomeputative trehalose-phosphatase protein1e-1171.6
NC_014817:142976:160150160150160896747Asticcacaulis excentricus CB 48 chromosome 2, complete sequencetrehalose-phosphatase3e-1170.1
NC_018581:759932:761850761850762632783Gordonia sp. KTR9 chromosome, complete genomeTrehalose-6-phosphatase5e-1065.9
NC_015711:606306:6299786299786320772100Myxococcus fulvus HW-1 chromosome, complete genomeputative bifunctional trehalose-6-phosphate synthase/HAD hydrolase subfamily IIB8e-0755.1
NC_007164:380000:399698399698400567870Corynebacterium jeikeium K411, complete genometrehalose-6-phosphate phophatase, biosynthetic1e-0655.1
NC_013204:2305140:2305140230514023075062367Eggerthella lenta DSM 2243, complete genometrehalose-phosphatase2e-0653.9