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Query: NC_009442:1216355:1230717 Streptococcus suis 05ZYH33 chromosome, complete genome

Start: 1230717, End: 1230932, Length: 216

Host Lineage: Streptococcus suis; Streptococcus; Streptococcaceae; Lactobacillales; Firmicutes; Bacteria

General Information: Isolated from a human in Ziyang County, China, 2005. Causative agent of meningitis, endocarditis, septicemia and arthritis in swine. Streptococci are Gram-positive, nonmotile, nonsporeforming, catalase-negative cocci that occur in pairs or chains. Members of this genus vary widely in pathogenic potential. Most streptococci are facultative anaerobes, and some are obligate anaerobes. Serologic grouping is based on antigenic differences in cell wall carbohydrates, in cell wall pili-associated protein, and in the polysaccharide capsule in group B streptococci. Streptococcus suis is a pathogen of pigs and is responsible for a variety of diseases including meningitis, arthritis and pneumonia. Occasionally this organism can infect humans causing septicemia, meningitis and endocarditis.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_012926:727716:7369027369027380501149Streptococcus suis BM407 chromosome, complete genomerhamnosyltransferase2e-2097.8
NC_012925:1125876:1141091114109111422391149Streptococcus suis P1/7, complete genomerhamnosyltransferase2e-2097.8
NC_014171:5068500:5082146508214650833031158Bacillus thuringiensis BMB171 chromosome, complete genomeglycosyltransferase6e-1476.3
NC_008261:551513:5560175560175571661150Clostridium perfringens ATCC 13124, complete genome3e-1167.4
NC_010999:2155714:2170331217033121715121182Lactobacillus casei, complete genomePutative rhamnosyltransferase5e-1063.2
NC_014334:1954333:1970730197073019718961167Lactobacillus casei str. Zhang chromosome, complete genomeputative rhamnosyl transferase WchF4e-0960.1