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Query: NC_009380:2310000:2329248 Salinispora tropica CNB-440 chromosome, complete genome

Start: 2329248, End: 2330021, Length: 774

Host Lineage: Salinispora tropica; Salinispora; Micromonosporaceae; Actinomycetales; Actinobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: This strain was isolated from coarse beach sand off the Bahamas. An obligate marine actinomycete. Salinispora strains are commonly isolated from tropical marine sediment. Members of this genus produce branched hyphae and require media which contain seawater or sodium. A survey of the cultured species identified over 90 isolates which produce compounds that inhibited cancer cells. These organisms may be a new source of bioactive chemicals for use in disease and cancer treatments. This species produces the chemicals salinosporamide A and B which may be useful for cancer treatment.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_010723:801215:821764821764822513750Clostridium botulinum E3 str. Alaska E43, complete genomeCalS112e-54212
NC_012881:4055962:406292440629244063679756Desulfovibrio salexigens DSM 2638, complete genomeputative dTDP-6-deoxy-L-hexose 3-O-methyltransferase1e-50199
NC_008699:4443000:446378644637864464607822Nocardioides sp. JS614, complete genomedTDP-6-deoxy-L-hexose 3-O-methyltransferase2e-40166
NC_016588:133943:1499111499111509781068Azospirillum lipoferum 4B plasmid AZO_p6, complete sequencehypothetical protein4e-33141
NC_015186:1698000:171297217129721713670699Acidiphilium multivorum AIU301, complete genomehypothetical protein4e-0652
NC_009484:1627734:164271016427101643408699Acidiphilium cryptum JF-5 chromosome, complete genomehypothetical protein7e-0651.2