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Query: NC_009074:1555500:1575321 Burkholderia pseudomallei 668 chromosome I, complete sequence

Start: 1575321, End: 1576160, Length: 840

Host Lineage: Burkholderia pseudomallei; Burkholderia; Burkholderiaceae; Burkholderiales; Proteobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Isolated from the blood of a 53 year old male patient with severe melioidosis encephalomyelitis in Darwin, Australia in 1995. This species is an opportunistic pathogen and can cause pneumonia, bacteremia, and melioidosis. It is normally found in terrestrial environments and has been recovered from rice paddies and moist tropical soil. It is endemic in Asia and Australia, but can be found in other parts of the world. The organism can exist intracellularly and can spread through the bloodstream (bacteremia).

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_007434:1923000:195201719520171952856840Burkholderia pseudomallei 1710b chromosome I, complete sequencetype 1 pili usher pathway chaperone CsuC5e-137486
NC_009076:1566500:158503015850301585869840Burkholderia pseudomallei 1106a chromosome I, complete sequencefimbrial chaperone protein5e-137486
NC_014837:809911:814181814181814957777Pantoea sp. At-9b chromosome, complete genomeputative pili assembly chaperone1e-42173
NC_012791:2052923:205631020563102057038729Variovorax paradoxus S110 chromosome 1, complete genomeP pilus assembly protein chaperone PapD-like protein4e-23108
NC_015663:5253242:526461252646125265388777Enterobacter aerogenes KCTC 2190 chromosome, complete genomepili assembly chaperone1e-1687.4
NC_008343:1470360:147924514792451479964720Granulibacter bethesdensis CGDNIH1, complete genomechaperone protein ecpD5e-1478.6
NC_003295:2898998:290131229013122902073762Ralstonia solanacearum GMI1000, complete genomePUTATIVE PILI ASSEMBLY CHAPERONE TRANSMEMBRANE PROTEIN5e-1271.6