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Query: NC_008541:2989500:2993389 Arthrobacter sp. FB24 chromosome 1, complete sequence

Start: 2993389, End: 2994243, Length: 855

Host Lineage: Arthrobacter; Arthrobacter; Micrococcaceae; Actinomycetales; Actinobacteria; Bacteria

General Information: Arthrobacter sp. FB24 was isolated from soil contaminated with heavy metals and aromatic solvents. This strain has a high degree of tolerance to chromium and other metals, may be radiation resistant and is a hydrocarbon degrader.

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SubjectStartEndLengthSubject Host DescriptionCDS descriptionE-valueBit score
NC_015145:2693749:269468726946872695544858Arthrobacter phenanthrenivorans Sphe3 chromosome, complete genomeFlp pilus assembly protein TadB2e-113408
NC_011886:2696671:269891126989112699768858Arthrobacter chlorophenolicus A6, complete genometype II secretion system protein2e-108392
NC_010617:988758:100846610084661009323858Kocuria rhizophila DC2201, complete genomehypothetical protein3e-76285
NC_014151:1373937:138332113833211384181861Cellulomonas flavigena DSM 20109 chromosome, complete genomeType II secretion system F domain protein7e-64243
NC_013169:1058463:105760610576061058466861Kytococcus sedentarius DSM 20547, complete genomeFlp pilus assembly protein TadB1e-56220
NC_013174:923737:923737923737924591855Jonesia denitrificans DSM 20603, complete genometype II secretion system protein5e-50197
NC_010338:4530403:455321545532154554192978Caulobacter sp. K31, complete genometype II secretion system protein5e-0755.5
NC_002932:440191:455327455327456244918Chlorobium tepidum TLS, complete genomeTadB protein1e-0653.9
NC_011894:3885490:390713739071373908120984Methylobacterium nodulans ORS 2060, complete genometype II secretion system protein2e-0653.1
NC_016002:2453919:249578124957812496755975Pseudogulbenkiania sp. NH8B, complete genometype II secretion system F domain containing protein3e-0652.8